New York Sports Betting Weekly Numbers Add to State’s Lofty Perch

New York Sports Betting Weekly Numbers Add to State’s Lofty Perch
By Lou Monaco

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Monday afternoon that close to $2 billion dollars in wagers were taken during the first 30 days of operation for mobile New York sports betting .

Those numbers were confirmed Monday night when weekly figures were released by the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) for seven of the live mobile sports providers for the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6.

The Empire State posted a total mobile sports wagering handle of $1,984,759,532 from Jan. 8-Feb. 6, with Caesars Sportsbook New York leading the way with $702.65 million during that time frame.

That number does not reflect retail wagering from the state’s four upstate commercial casinos. Those retail locations combined for $16.54 million in handle for the entire month of January and recorded a loss of $328,829 in revenue. Rivers Casino led in handle at $7.36 million and was the only one of the four with a net positive in GGR, at $81,508.

For the actual Jan. 31-Feb. 6 figures, all mobile providers saw a bit of a reality check with the off week between the NFL’s AFC and NFC Championships (Jan. 31) and Super Bowl LVI (Feb. 13), solidifying that football is still king among sports bettors.

Keep in mind: All of these sportsbooks are constantly offering new promotions, so keep checking for the updates and latest New York sports betting promo codes.


Mobile handle GGRTaxes
FanDuel $130,256,763 $6,632,391 $3,382,519
DraftKings $87,253,254 $8,689,766$4,431,781
Caesars $87,152,547 $8,770,610$4,473,011
BetMGM $34,260,676 $443,110 $225,986
PointsBet $12,227,944 $186,059 $94,890
BetRivers $8,437,014 $762,243 $388,744
WynnBet* $251,355 $33,656 $17,165
Totals $359,839,553 $25,517,835 $13,104,096

* -- WynnBet launched on Feb. 4.


Here is an overall inside look at the money figures for total mobile handle, total gross gaming revenue (GGR) and taxes to the state. The tax figure is arrived at by applying the New York state revenue of 51% to the GGR. The total GGR from Jan. 8-Feb. 6 is $138,516,913 and taxes given to the state are $70,643,626.

$359,839,553: The total handle recorded from Jan. 31-Feb. 6 by the sportsbook operators in the mobile New York sports betting market. That number is close to $100 million less than the $449,313,997 reported for Jan. 24-30. For comparison, other weeks included: $572,552,146 from Jan. 17-23, $431.72 million from Jan. 10-16. A total handle of $603,053,836 was recorded for the first nine days (which included opening weekend).

$25,517,835: Total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) reported from Jan. 31-Feb. 6. The numbers shows an increase of more than $4 million plus from $21,571,803 between Jan. 24-30. The GGR number for Jan. 17-23 was $43.2 million and it was $48,224,783 for the first nine days of operation.

$13,104,096:  The state was paid more than $2 million above the $11 million posted between Jan. 24-30 in taxes. The record was set in the first nine days with a report of $24.59 million. New York is tied for the highest tax rate in the nation with New Hampshire at 51%.


Mobile handle GGRTaxes
Caesars $702,656,891 $64,657,938 $32,975,548
FanDuel $632,048,747 $30,246,533 $15,425,732
DraftKings $454,914,492 $35,788,546 $18,252,158
BetMGM $112,333,575 $3,668,090 $1,870,726
PointsBet $41,693,139 $2,522,872 $1,286,665
BetRivers $40,861,332 $1,599,278 $815,632
WynnBet* $251,355 $33,656 $17,165
Totals $1,984,759,532 $138,516,913 $70,643,626


The fifth week of official sports betting in the state was marked by its first decrease in numbers, due in large part to that off week in the NFL before last Sunday’s Super Bowl.

FanDuel New York retained its top weekly spot for the second consecutive week. Caesars Sportsbook New York had led the pack for the first two reports.

FanDuel New York posted $130,256,763 for Jan. 31-Feb. 6 in mobile handle, down $11.5 million from the company’s $141.79 million (Jan. 24-30) and down again from $159.65 million (Jan. 16-23). FanDuel’s GGR was $6,632,391, a substantial jump up from a loss of $564,868 for the week of Jan. 24-30. Since, Jan. 8, FanDuel has posted $632 million in total handle, $30.25 million in GGR and taxes to the state come in at $15.43 million.

DraftKings New York was second for the week and posted a mobile handle of $87,253,254, down a considerable amount from $102.19 million (Jan. 24-30) and $131.058 million (Jan. 16-23). DraftKings had a GGR of $8,689,766 for the week and taxes were at $4,431,781, up from $2.73 million (Jan. 24-30.). Since, Jan. 8, DraftKings has posted $454,914,492 in total handle (good for third overall), $35,788,546 in GGR and taxes to the state come in at $18,252,158.

Caesars Sportsbook New York reported $87,152,547 in mobile handle, down close to $41 million from $128.1 million (Jan. 24-30) and down a substantial amount from $229.7 million (Jan. 16-23). Caesars’ GGR was at $8,770,610 for the week. Despite the decreases, Caesars remains on top overall (since Jan. 8) with a total handle of $702,656,891 with GGR at $64,657,938 and taxes dished out at $32,975,548.

BetMGM New York posted $34.26 million in mobile handle, with a GGR of $443,110 and taxes at $225,986. Overall, BetMGM has held steady at fourth overall as its total handle since launch has been $112,333,575, GGR at $3,668,090 and taxes at $1,870,726.

PointsBet New York, which launched on Jan. 25, moved to fifth (weekly and overall) posting a total handle of $12,227,944 for Jan. 31-Feb. 6. Their GGR was $186,059 with taxes paid to the state at $94,890. Since launch, PointsBet has recorded a total handle of $41,693,139, a GGR of $2,552,872 and taxes paid of $1,286,665.

BetRivers New York posted $8,437,014 in mobile handle for the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6, with a GGR of $762,243 and taxes to the state coming in at $388,744. Since Jan. 8, BetRivers has posted $40,861,332 in total handle, $1,599,278 in GGR and taxes at $815,632.

Newcomer WynnBET, which launched on Feb. 4, saw its mobile handle for two days at $251,355. Its GGR was $33,656 and taxes to the state at $17,165.

BallyBet New York (an April launch is expected) and Resorts World New York (fairly soon) have not been given official approval to start by the NYSGC.



Lou Monaco had been East Coast Scene columnist for Gaming Today in Las Vegas since June 2019, covering the East Coast sportsbook scene with emphasis on NJ and PA. He also currently is a part-time writer for the high school sports department for NJ Advanced Media ( in Iselin, NJ. Lou has over 30 years sports experience with previous stints at ESPN SportsTicker, Daily Racing Form and Oddschecker.

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