Best UFC Betting Sites New York 2023

UFC betting is finally legal in New York, and UFC promo codes will be welcoming you. Try the WynnBET UFC promo of Bet $20, Get $100.

Top UFC/MMA Betting Sites in New York

The only way to make mixed martial arts more exciting is to get in the cage yourself, and betting on UFC fights is a lot easier on your physical safety. Hands up, chin down, let's get it on.

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Must be 21+ to participate & present in NY. Gambling problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369). Visit for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.

When New York legalized online sports betting websites, it wasn't long before they issued licenses to nine operators. By now, you're probably familiar with most of these names. Since every one of the UFC betting sites is trying to get a piece of the action, they're offering great welcome bonuses.

If you're new to betting on the UFC or another MMA promotion, you can use these offers to get the hang of how online sports betting works. Check out the major players among the trusted UFC betting sites and see if one or more catches your eye.

BetMGM New York For UFC

MGM is a brand synonymous with gambling and Las Vegas, so it's logical that its betting app would be deep in the fight game as well. BetMGM offers moneyline bets and pre-built parlays for UFC events such as Fight Nights and pay-per-views.

BetMGM NY also accepts wagers around other MMA promotions such as Bellator and PFL. In our research, BetMGM's moneyline betting odds are occasionally the best offered in New York and are otherwise competitive with a rare exception.

BetMGM NY also has an MMA brand ambassador in the ubiquitous Ariel Helwani, so if you choose to wager with BetMGM, be sure to check any of his 27 weekly MMA shows for his UFC betting tips and maybe an exclusive bonus code or two.

Must be 21+ to participate & present in NY. Gambling problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369). Visit for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.

BetRivers New York For UFC

If you're looking to bet on the UFC, BetRivers wants you in their corner. BetRivers presents a slate of betting options with moneylines only on the prelim fights and a full complement of prop bets on the main card fights. Most notably, BetRivers NY offers a prop on whether a main card fight will end in the first minute. Throw in BetRivers' deposit match, and it could be a great place to test your system for betting on UFC fights.

Though after you've played through the bonus, you may want to try your luck elsewhere. There's nothing remarkable about the odds we were given, especially compared to other gambling sites.

FanDuel New York For UFC

Of the legal online sports betting sites we surveyed, FanDuel NY was the one that offered the best moneyline odds most often. In fact, when comparing the lines for all the legal operators on a UFC pay-per-view event, FanDuel delivered the best lines on four out of the five moneyline favorites on the main card.

With moneyline bets as the most popular way to bet on UFC fights, that's pretty significant. FanDuel featured a host of other betting options, good ones too, and the higher up the card, the more props you'll see. That applies to both pay-per-view and UFC Fight Night events.

WynnBET New York Sports Betting For UFC

With WynnBET NY in regard to MMA offerings, generally what you're looking at is straight moneyline odds on a UFC wager, with a total rounds option some of the time. When it comes to main events, WynnBET offers props on method of victory, how the fight ends and whether it goes to the cards. And while it offers reasonably competitive odds, there wasn't much you couldn't get as good or better in other places.

Caesars Sportsbook NY For UFC

Caesars Sportsbook NY also wants to be your go-to for betting on the UFC and other MMA companies. They're a top-notch online sportsbook that gives a solid welcome bonus to new bettors. Its slate of UFC betting odds around major events is on par with the major competition. In addition to the moneyline bet, you'll get odds on method of victory (including draw), total round betting, and whether the fight will go the distance. Caesars also takes wagers on Bellator and PFL.

Picking a UFC Betting Site: How to Pick an Online Sportsbook in New York

There are plenty of factors to consider when you choose which of the top UFC betting sites are going to get your attention. Obviously, the betting lines are going to weigh in heavily in your decision, but they shouldn't be the be-all and end-all. Make sure you're getting the full picture of what a betting app offers before you put any real money wagers down on the next UFC event.

Types of UFC Bets Allowed in New York

Whether it's the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the Professional Fighters League, or Bellator, the best MMA betting sites will present plenty of options. The more types of bets you're familiar with, the more fun you can get out of playing. Here are the basics.

Moneyline Bet

This is the most straightforward bet on UFC fights. Who's going to win? The minus sign indicates the betting favorite, and the plus the underdog, and the number of the betting odds, with the larger the number the stronger the odds. The moneyline bet is also easily parlayed, so you can roll together a handful of fight winners and get a pretty sweet potential payout.

Over/Under UFC Betting

Over/Under betting in NY on an MMA fights, you're not going for total points as you would with, say, a football game. An over/under when you bet on UFC or other MMA events refers to a certain period of time in a fight. In a three-round contest, you'll generally see total round betting wagers listed at an over/under of 1.5 or 2.5 rounds. An over/under of 3.5 or 4.5 rounds is common in five-round main events.

Of course, these are just guidelines, you may see other betting lines on an over/under, depending on the fighting style of the athlete more likely to impose their will.

Round the Fight Ends

One of the most popular UFC prop bets is around which round the fight ends. Depending on where you choose to bet on the UFC, you can bet on which round the finish comes, whether it goes to a decision or whether the fight ends in a draw. Certain houses will also let you bet on a particular fighter winning in a particular round, what minute of the fight the finish comes down, or whether round 2 even starts.

Method of Victory

Certain mobile betting apps will let you bet on how a UFC fight ends. For instance, betting Derrick Lewis to win by knockout or TKO will give you more likely odds than Lewis by submission, owing to his record number of KOs in the UFC and the fact that he hasn't gotten a tap out in over 10 years.

At least one of the UFC betting sites also offers double-chance props, meaning you could bet on Lewis to win by KO/TKO or Decision. You'd better just hope he doesn't hit that flying inverted triangle.

Live Betting

Most of the best UFC betting sites, including the ones licensed in New York, offer live betting. You can bet on a fight in progress during a UFC event, whether in the break between rounds (expect a lot of movement on the betting lines at that point) or should you happen to see something you think the oddsmakers missed during a grappling exchange. Live betting is just another addition to the sport you can take advantage of through the UFC betting apps.

Points Handicap

The points handicap bet refers to a bet that gives a fighter plus or minus points on the decision. It's similar to a point spread on any other betting market, giving and taking points against the judges' scorecards. You may see discussion around wagers like these in UFC event previews with betting advice, but at the moment none of the legal sports betting operators in New York are offering points handicap bets.

Types of UFC Events for New York Sports Betting

Back in the day, fight fans were lucky to get a half dozen UFC events in a calendar year. Those dark ages are over and there's an overwhelming amount of MMA action to watch, follow and of course, bet on. By the sheer number of events and individual fights, it's no surprise to learn that the UFC betting options are far and away the most prolific.

In addition to the numbered Pay Per View events, sports bettors can find action on the UFC Fight Nights and Dana White's Contender Series. Mixed martial arts fans in New York can also bet on Bellator and the Professional Fighters League. We've yet to see odds in New York for other independent promotions like Invicta, or international concerns such as Rizin or Eagle FC.

Bet On UFC Fights: Bonuses and Rewards

One advantage to betting on the UFC online is the opportunity to get bonus bets and loyalty rewards though operators. The best UFC betting sites will offer some kind of a signup bonus, but any sportsbook worth your time will offer you a bankroll bonus to your initial deposit, or a risk-free first bet, that credits your stake if you lose.

You'll also see other promotions pop up frequently. Odds boosts in New York are common, and will bump up the potential payout, generally around a prop bet. You may also see parlay insurance, which will kick you back a portion of your stake if your qualifying parlay only misses one leg.

How New York Bettors Can Choose a UFC Betting App

When choosing which of the best UFC betting sites get your time and attention, it's important to consider the entire playing field. No matter how good the betting odds are, if you can't get your winnings out in a reasonable amount of time, is it even worth it? Take a look at some of the factors we consider when choosing where to place a sports bet.

  • Bet User Interface The ability to navigate and use the UFC betting apps is essential. After all, if you can't place the bet you want when you want to place it, the whole thing is worthless. We prefer an app that easy to get around in, easy to read, and keeps track of our bet slips in a way that doesn't get in the way of watching the fights. You're still watching the fights, right?
  • Deposits and Withdrawal Any time real money changes hands, it's crucial to know how the banking options come into play. Most of the best UFC betting sites have some infrastructure in place for online banking, and certainly take debit cards. But you'll find operators with more flexible payment options, which is great. Withdrawal times are also important to keep in mind.
  • Customer Support Things go wrong, it's a fact of life when you're dealing with technology. But since you can't just unplug the app and plug it back in, you need to know that the online sportsbook you're using has a robust customer support staff with plenty of ways to see that your issues are resolved. If you're like us, you look for a live chat feature that's staffed 24/7, and an option to contact by email.
  • Competitive Betting Odds And the odds have to be there too, obviously. It's unrealistic to shop the UFC betting lines across all of the operators for every fight. But if you know what option you want to bet on, and have a couple of Betting Apps in New York where you know you can live with the lines, you can find an edge that way.
Must be 21+ to participate & present in NY. Gambling problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369). Visit for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.

Betting Tips and Strategy for UFC Fights Online

Placing bets on the UFC online can add to the excitement of a night of fights. Even a lay-and-pray decision win from a completely gassed heavyweight is a thrill if you get 50 bucks out of the deal, right? That doesn't mean you should bet willy-nilly on every fight, or even every event. Sites with fighter stats can help you handicap a fight, and if you have the time to watch a fighter's last couple of fights, that can give you a feel for their style, but there are other things you can do to maximize your chance of winning a UFC bet.

Use a Trusted UFC Betting Site

The best UFC betting sites for New Yorkers are the ones that are legal in the Empire State, if for no other reason than that there's recourse for the bettor if something goes wrong. If your 6-leg Fight Night main card, all-underdog parlay hits at +70291, you're not going to have to chase anyone down to get your payout.

Read Reviews

Stay on top of the gambling scene in New York to find out which of the bookmakers are offering the best UFC promotional offers. Maybe you haven't tried an operator because you got better UFC odds at a different shop. The market is a shark tank right now, and the books will try anything to get you to play their way. We're on top of things, and you can check out our reviews to determine where you want to take your action, whether it's betting on MMA or another sport.

Follow the News

Keeping an eye on the gambling scene is smart, but you should also keep tabs on the fights you're interested in betting on. There are plenty of rumors that swirl around a big fight, especially in the week leading up to it. Understanding what's important (injuries, tough weight cuts, late replacements) and what's background noise (almost everything else) can tell you if the bet you were considering placing is a good call or needs rethinking.

Watch the Official Weigh-Ins

The way a fighter behaves at the weigh-ins can tell you things. For starters, if they're so drawn out that they're struggling to get on the scale, maybe bet on their opponent before the word gets out and the UFC odds move on the board. Is it a thrill to watch dehydrated fighters stand around in their underwear while someone from the athletic commission writes their weight on a clipboard? Not really, but this is real money you're betting with here, so if the official weigh-ins are streaming someplace, take any edge you can.

Weigh in customs will vary by promotion, but remember the UFC usually have the real weigh-ins the morning before the fight in some hotel ballroom near the arena. The ceremonial weigh-ins are a pageant and for betting purposes can be dismissed as another source of hype (see below).

Have a System

Especially when you're getting started in betting on MMA, set yourself some ground rules and stick to them, even when the action gets hot. It's important to bet with your head and not your heart. If you set a limit on how much money you'll bet on an event, or a minimum odds line you require before you add the fight to a parlay, you can save yourself from going overboard.

Don't Believe the Hype

It doesn't matter what the fighters say to each other, what the video packages and social media posts tell you. As the fight promoter, it's Dana White's job to get you to spend your time and money watching his MMA promotion. If you bet on UFC events online, it's your job to remember that he'll do and say what he needs to in order to get you there, and your job to remember that what he says has no bearing on what takes place when the cage door closes.

Final Words: The Top UFC Betting Sites in New York

Placing wagers on MMA fights can enhance an already thrilling spectator sports experience. When you're looking to place a UFC bet, you need to know that the betting sites and apps you're going to use are going to give you what you need. Based on our criteria for the legal online betting websites in New York, our conclusions are as follows: BetMGM gives the largest slate of betting options for UFC cards.

The betting odds are going to vary from fight to fight, but moneyline bets in NY on FanDuel, BetMGM and Caesars were always competitive based on what we were able to observe. The decision is ultimately a matter of personal preference, and we suggest trying a few to see what you like, but any of the four we just mentioned are going to deliver a bettor-friendly and secure experience.

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