Best New York Sportsbook Promo Codes: Top Bonus Offers Of November

Promo codes are a great way for top sports betting operations to make new and existing customers feel special. Simply by using a brief sequence of letters and numbers, you can access a bonus, an offer, a deal that enhances your betting experience. Whether this is in the form of a risk-free bet, or an enhancement to your deposit, this is a great method of making new clients feel valued.

Top NY Online Sportsbook Promo Codes and Bonus Codes

FanDuel Promo Codes

FanDuel is one of the top operators available to betting aficionados in the United States. The current bonus available to new customers is a risk-free bet of up to $1,000 when you open your account. If your first bet is successful, you collect your winnings; if your risk-free bet loses, you get your money back to use on future wagers. For more on this operator, see our FanDuel New York Review for more.

DraftKings Promo Codes

DraftKings is taking bets in several states - although New York is not one of them just yet. Under the present offer, you get two bonuses when you sign up for an account: a $50 free bet, and a 20% boost to your initial deposit of up to $1,000. This is a great way for new users to feel they are getting extra value simply for signing up. See our DraftKings New York review for more.

BetMGM Bonus Codes

BetMGM has a generous welcome bonus for new account holders in the states where it operates already. It would be a major surprise if this offer were not offered to New York clients when legal sports betting begins in the Empire State. In New Jersey, for instance, you can use the promo code to take advantage of a risk-free bet with your first wager of up to $1,000. You can find more details at our New York BetMGM review review.

BetRivers Promo Codes

BetRivers is already taking sports bets in several states, and the BetRivers online sportsbook should be available for customers in New York very soon. The current bonus for new customers is a 100% match on your first deposit up to $250. In the states where legal sports betting is underway, this offer can be unlocked using the promo code during sign-up. For more insight into this operator, please see our BetRivers New York review.

PointsBet Promo Codes

Begin able to double your deposit money is a great way of starting your online gambling relationship with one of the legal betting sites. In the states where PointsBet is active already, it offers a 100% bonus on your deposit up to $250. This can be accessed using the promo code. To find out more about this operator, check out our PointsBet New York review.

Caesars Promo Codes

Customers who open a new account at Caesars can take advantage of the chance to have their initial deposit matched, up to a limit of $1,001. In New Jersey and other states where Caesars is currently operating, you can use the promo code to unlock this offer quickly and easily. Review the Caesars New York promo code to get to know what your options might be before the sportsbook goes live in the state. Keep in mind, this promo can be used if you're in New Jersey, now!

WynnBet Promo Codes

When you sign up as a WynnBet customer this month, there's a promo code that's easy to remember that will access the welcome bonus. You'll be able to place a risk-free bet of up to $1,000 to get your betting here off to a flying start.

Common Types Of Sports Betting Bonuses in New York

Promotional codes are a simple way of unlocking a bonus. That bonus can, however, come in a range of different shapes. It's worth knowing what the various types of offer are so that you can zero in on the ones that suit your betting style.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets ensure that once you sign up you are unable to lose. On your first bet, anyway. Several operators currently offer a maximum $1,000 risk-free bet as a bonus. If your first bet up to that amount is a winner, you collect the proceeds; if it loses, you get your money back.

Deposit Bonuses

This is a great way of boosting your betting bank right from the start. Many current operators offer a deposit match bonus, effectively doubling the amount of money in your account, usually up to a deposit limit of $1,000.

No Deposit Bonus

This is the unicorn of the sports betting world. Rarely spotted, and highly prized when it is. Very occasionally, an operator will grant you a bonus simply for signing up, and without you having to deposit any funds. The bonus tends to be small, usually about $10, but it still counts as free money for bettors.

Reload Bonuses

Not all bonuses are granted to new customers as an incentive to sign up. Great sports betting operators know they need to maintain customer loyalty - and one way is to offer a reload bonus to existing clients. This is usually in the form of an invitation to top up your account, with the operator giving you a 100% bonus by matching your deposit.

Odds Boosts

Similarly, odds boosts are a great way of rewarding customer loyalty and encouraging further bets. Giving extra value through odds boosts on particular outcomes is a highly persuasive way of driving engagement.

Referral Bonuses

If your friends see you enjoying your sports betting and want to join in, many operators offer referrals bonuses. In return for introducing your buddies, when they sign up you may receive a bonus in the form of a site credit or free bets.

Online Casino Promotions

Many sports fans enjoy betting on the big game - but they also want to enjoy some casino action too. Your online betting site may also run a casino operation and will be keen to cross-sell between the two. Look out for offers of free spins or extra casino credit - and casino sign-up promotions tend to be as generous as the sports betting bonuses too.

What Sports Can You Use Betting Bonuses On

Unless your sportsbook bonus code refers to a particular team or event, you should have a great deal of choice when you want to place bets after activating your bonus. There are numerous opportunities to wager on the most popular sports - and a bonus only adds to the enjoyment

🏈 NFL Bonuses

It's perfectly legal to use your free bet or other bonus on an NFL game. Football is the biggest sport in the US, and many sports bettors across the nation and the world have an NFL team and follow the NFL season closely. So if you're an Arizona Cardinals fan and want to place NFL bets on the team from the Grand Canyon State, go for it.

πŸ€ NBA Bonuses

The NBA is the biggest basketball league in the world by far, and its rulers have historically had a comparatively liberal attitude towards sports betting. So if you want to use Caesars, or one of your mobile sports betting apps, to place a bet using bonus money, as long as you are in a state where sports betting is allowed you are free to continue.

⚾️ MLB Bonuses

Baseball is still considered "America's game" and it attracts serious action on mobile betting apps in states where online sports betting is legal and you can gamble with an online sportsbook. You can use the funds generated by your bonus to enjoy live betting at the DraftKings on your favorite team.

πŸ’ NHL Bonuses

Hockey is a hugely popular sport among its fans - and with sports bettors. With operators such as FanDuel, you will find a broad choice of bets to place on the top rink action. For many of those bets, you will be able to use any extra funds that have gone into your account as a result of using a promo code.

πŸ† College Sports

NCAA sports, especially college football and basketball, command enormous audiences and interest across the US. In many states where betting is legal, however, wagering on college sports is specifically prohibited because of the age of the participants. Where you can bet on college football, however, you should be allowed to use bonus funds to do so.

How To Use A Promo Code With A New York Sportsbook

As you might expect, given their eagerness to get new users on board to bet with them, no online betting operator makes it hard for you to find their promo codes. Once you have selected the right one for you, keep it on hand while you go through the sign-up process. You will be prompted to enter the code, and the bonus should be applied as promised.

However, it's always advisable to check the terms and conditions around any promotion around a free bet, odds boost or other bonus to be sure you are happy with them. If you want to use the bonus to bet on a horse race and the conditions specifically say that is the only sport you can't use it on, you'd much rather know in advance.

Why Do New York Sportsbooks Offer Promo Codes?

It's in the interest of any betting operator to ensure that the process of wagering with an online sportsbook is as easy and enjoyable as possible. In the fiercely competitive battle for business, all good sports betting bonuses are offered as a means of luring new users.

Experienced operations such as the FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars will undoubtedly give out a variety of promo codes and bonuses to encourage online sports betting when it goes live in New York. And bettors should keep an eye out for promo codes and bonuses further down the line to reward their loyalty encourage them to keep wagering.

Promo Code Terminology

Some of the terminology around promo codes can be a little confusing for new users. To put your mind at rest, here's a quick guide to some of the phrases you might see - and what they mean.

Wagering Requirements

These are the conditions relating to any promotion, including bonuses and offers. It is well worth checking these out. There may be restrictions around the amount you can bet, how many times you have to wager to activate a bonus, the type of bet you can place and any deadline by which the bet must be placed.

Minimum Deposit

You may have to deposit a certain number of dollars to trigger a bonus and a promo code. This will usually be a nominal amount such as $5 or $10. If the bonus in question relates to the size of your deposit, such as a deposit match, you will ideally want to be putting a lot more than that into your new account.

Minimum Odds

There may be a restriction relating to the odds of the first wager you place as part of a bonus. For instance, the DraftKings bonus insists that you must place a bet at odds larger than -300 to qualify for its deposit bonus.


Once you qualify for a bonus such as a free bet, it is likely that you will have to take advantage of it by a certain date. Check out the expiration date as part of the terms and conditions of your promo code - you will probably have to use your bonus within a couple of weeks.

Cash Out Sports Betting Bonuses

Cash Out is a recent innovation by which an online sportsbook will offer you the opportunity to close down a bet while an event is still going on. This means you can minimize your losses, or lock in a profit. But there may be restrictions around the use of Cash Out if you have used a free bet to make the wager in question.

Betting Type Restrictions

It's well worth knowing that most free bets offered as part of a promo will have to be placed as straight wagers. The conditions of sports betting promotions usually stipulate that a free bet cannot be used for a parlay bet or prop bets. You tend to be restricted to the moneyline - but it is worth checking to see if parlay bet, other types of multiple bets or prop bets are allowed. It is highly unlikely that you will ever be permitted to use your bonus on a teaser or future bet.

How Are Free Bets Paid Out?

Once you have placed a free bet and the event in question is over, if you are due any winnings they will be paid into your account. However, you will not have your free stake credited to you as part of your winnings. As soon as all the wagering requirements have been met, you will be able to withdraw funds, or use the proceeds to fund future bets.

How Long Do Bonus Funds Take to Arrive?

The length of time taken for bonus funds to materialize in your account depends on the type of bonus you have activated. At Caesars, for instance, some deals pay the money in immediately, while others take 72 hours. With FanDuel, if your first bet loses, the free bet credit should be in your account within 24 hours.

Pros and Cons of Using Free Bet Bonuses

πŸ’ͺ The main advantage of using free bet bonuses when you set up an account is that you are effectively playing with free money. You can wager on an NFL game using your up to $1,000 risk-free bet when you sign up with a FanDuel bonus, for instance, safe in the knowledge that if it loses you will get your money back. Similarly, if you take advantage of the Caesars Sportsbook promo code that doubles your deposit, you could effectively have several risk-free bets.

❌ The only disadvantages lie in the wagering requirements regarding free bets and bonuses. The conditions may not suit the way you want to bet, or the sports you want to bet on.

Get the Best Risk Free Bets in New York

βœ… Create Accounts at Multiple Sportsbooks

One of the best ways to ensure you get the bonuses and free bets that suit you is to open more than one account. There is nothing to stop you signing up with two, three or more New York betting sites when they open, and taking advantage of all the sportsbook promo codes that are available.

By doing this, you can qualify for for several $1,000 risk-free bets and more than one deposit enhancement. If you are planning to bet regularly, using several different sports betting bonuses can give your betting power a significant boost - though we would always urge you to gamble responsibly.

βœ… Loyalty and Rewards Programs

It's important to remember that free bets, odds boosts and other promotions and bonuses are not offered solely as an inducement to new customers to sign up. Many sportsbook promotions target existing customers - and these include rewards in the form of loyalty and VIP programs.

You often have to bet a certain number of times in a week or month to activate membership of such programs, but if you opt in you may receive regular rewards such as a frequent player bonus such as an odds boost or a free bet.

Get Started Online Sports Betting With New York Promo Codes

It's clear to see that, once online sports betting in New York gets under way, there will be a rich variety of tempting offers available to lure new customers.

Sportsbook promo codes are at the heart of this process. They are designed to be quick, simple and easy to use and to ensure the process of signing up for an account and beginning to place bets on a website or mobile betting app is as pleasant as possible.

Leading operators in the sports betting field have a variety of weapons at their disposal in the intense battle for customers. As you can see, there are various types of sports betting bonuses on offer. You may decide to focus on one sort of offer - the deposit match or the risk-free bet, for instance. Or you may decide to open multiple accounts to take advantage of the sportsbook bonus codes available.

Once you are up and running and want to know how to place a sports bet, we have articles to guide you through moneyline bets, parlays and point spread betting. With our help, you'll be able to meet all the relevant wagering requirements, and to bet a whole lot smarter.

New York Sportsbook Promo Code FAQs

A sportsbook promo code is a quick, easy method of activating a particular bonus or promotion. It usually features as part of the sign-up process for new customers and can be included during the registration process to ensure that bonus is applied to the new account.

Yes. While promo codes are most often deployed to entice potential bettors and to make their sign-up process smoother, they can be used for promotions to existing customers as well.

Check with your operator. Most online sportsbook promo codes insist that wagers should be straight single bets, but some allow them to be used on parlays or prop bets, or a point spread bet. They can almost never, however, be used for a futures bet.

The world of sports betting moves pretty fast. Sportsbook bonus codes tend to be updated every month - even if the actual offer they relate to stays the same.

The most common time that a bonus code should be used is during the process of registering for a new account with an online sportsbook promotion. Keep an eye out while you are entering all the information required; at some point there will be the opportunity to enter the promo code and opt in to the promotion in question.

In a word, one. Once you take advantage of a sportsbook promotion through a promo code, it will be recorded on your account. If you try to use it for a second time to place a bet, you will be unsuccessful!


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