March Madness Betting 2022: Top March Madness Sportsbooks in New York

The NCAA Tournament is one of the largest and most anticipated sports betting events of the year. This March Madness, New York residents will finally be able to get in on the action legally for the first time as several online March Madness betting sites in the Empire State are now live. So, what wagering options will be available to New Yorkers? This guide will help you identify the best places to play and go over some popular March Madness wagers and strategies.

Best New York March Madness Betting Sites

These are the top recommended March Madness betting sites available in New York. All these terrific online betting platforms will feature tons of interesting March Madness betting options that will help create an even more memorable tournament experience.

March Madness Betting: Free Bets, Promo Codes, and Bonuses for NY Bettors

Every recommended online bookmaker will offer players a deposit bonus or risk-free bet upon signing up. These offers are a fantastic way for March Madness bettors to boost their account and help get novice players started, while also providing players who are willing to deposit up to the maximum a route to serious benefits.

Sites provide competitive sign-up bonuses to set themselves apart in an emerging and crowded marketplace and bettors can use this to their advantage, especially if they are willing to try multiple March Madness betting apps or sites. The current sign-up offerings for New York March Madness betting sites are:

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🏀 BetMGM March Madness Promo NYRisk Free Bet Up To $1,000
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🏀 DraftKings March Madness Promo NYBet $1 Get $100 Special Plus 20% Deposit Bonus up to $1,000
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🏀 FanDuel March Madness Promo NYRisk-Free Bet up to $1,000
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🏀 PointsBet March Madness Promo NYTwo Risk-Free Bets Up To $2,000
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🏀 WynnBET March Madness Promo NYRisk-Free Bet up to $1,000
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🏀 BetRivers March Madness Promo NYDeposit $250, Get $250 in Free Bets
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Legal College Basketball Betting in the USA

Many US states offer legalized betting on college basketball. Some restrictions do exist, however, so it’s important you know the rules before placing any bets. For example, some US states carry no restrictions at all, while others prohibit in-play wagering and gambling on games involving home sides.

Unfortunately for New York residents, they are not able to bet on in-state schools, such as Syracuse, Saint John's, and others.

No Restrictions Michigan
West Virginia
No Betting on In-State College Teams New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island
Washington D.C.
No In-Play Betting Tennessee
No Prop Betting Colorado
New Hampshire

Choosing NY Online March Madness Betting Sites for College Basketball Betting

When evaluating a betting website, it is important to consider numerous factors. Players may find differing odds or wagering options across sites or may find one site’s layout more appealing than another. Additionally, sign-up bonuses and promotions can vary greatly across the online sports betting industry.

Secondary things to look at when choosing a March Madness gambling company include the ease of withdrawal and deposit, quality of customer service, and availability of other gaming features beyond the traditional online betting options. Often, sites have vastly different strengths and weaknesses, so players may benefit from signing up for multiple sports gambling sites to take advantage of each site’s best features.

Consider shopping around to find the best odds throughout the entire tournament, as bonuses and promotions will be available to help maximize return on investment. When signing up, most places will require players to provide an email address, select a username and password and then verify New York residency. Expect to have to provide photo identification and some form of proof of address during this process. Remember to claim any sign-up bonuses or promotions upon time of registration to ensure maximum value.


Using the latest March Madness odds from Bet MGM New York, here are the top contenders to win the men's NCAA Tournament this year:

🏀 Gonzaga+600
🏀 Duke+800
🏀 Purdue+800
🏀 Baylor+1200

These odds are subject to change. Last updated 1/20/2022

What you're seeing above is a table of odds for who will be the NCAA Men's Basketball champions.

Choosing NY Online Betting Sites for College Basketball Betting

When evaluating a sports betting operator, it is important to consider numerous factors. Players may find differing odds or wagering options across sites or may find one site’s layout more appealing than another. Additionally, sign up bonuses and promotions can vary greatly across the online sports betting industry. Secondary things to look at when choosing a betting website include the ease of withdrawal and deposit, quality of customer service and availability of other gaming features beyond the traditional sports betting options. Often, sites have vastly different strengths and weaknesses, so players may benefit from signing up for multiple online sports betting sites or apps to take advantage of each site’s best features.

Consider shopping around to find the best odds, bonuses and promotions to help maximize return on investment. When signing up, most places will require players to provide an email address, select a username and password and then verify New York residency. Expect to have to provide photo identification and some form of proof of address during this process. Remember to claim any sign-up bonuses or promotions upon time of registration to ensure maximum value.

User Interface for College Basketball Betting Sites

One of the most important factors not directly related to betting itself when choosing an online betting operator is the user interface. A clean and easy-to-use interface makes wagering much simpler and the best sites provide tons of information all on one page to promote faster betting. Look for a sports betting website that features a website that has a functional layout, is easy to read and navigate, and offers pages that load quickly.

Mobile Apps for NCAA March Madness Betting

In addition to their websites, all recommended New York sports gambling companies have a mobile app so bettors will be able to wager on the go within the state. The best mobile apps should feel very similar to their desktop counterpart, as many premier sports betting providers mirror their mobile and desktop interfaces. The top apps are regularly updated, offer smooth and fast page loading, and work on all types of mobile devices. One thing to note is these apps run on geolocators to determine eligibility to bet within state lines, so look for apps that are strong in this regard to avoid the hassle.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Ease of deposit and withdrawal is something on every bettor’s mind. Players want multiple banking options and quick access to their funds and for good reason; no one likes having their money tied up and unusable for long periods of time. The listed gambling operators all accept deposit and withdrawal through a variety of sources.

Players should be able to use credit/debit card (some accept more types of cards than others), e-check or PayPal if they desire. Some sites even will work with E-wallets.

Typically, the time to receive funds after withdrawal with the top New York betting sites is 1-7 days, though the most highly recommended sites will trend towards the lower end of that range. Note that payments received via check will usually take longer to process than those done electronically.

Customer Support for Online Betting Sites

If any issues arise, all these sports betting websites will offer some form of customer support, though the quality of service can vary quite a bit throughout the industry. Unfortunately, not everywhere provides 24/7 customer support or service via live chat or phone. While the most helpful places offer these features, bettors should still at least be able to reach every site at least by email, though many of these sites offer at least two methods of customer support, even if it is not 24/7.

How to Bet on the NCAA March Madness Online

Before getting ready to bet on March Madness, find a trusted online betting operator like the ones listed above to use. Once registered with a book, there will be a ton of different wagering options available for each NCAA tournament game. While this can be intimidating to newer players, it is part of the charm of college basketball betting.

Players will be able to bet on each individual tournament game, from the First Four to the National Championship Game, as well as the tournament as a whole. There will also be exciting props and futures available, in addition to standard options like spread betting, moneylines and total lines.

Finding the right way to bet can take time, but there will be something for everybody. Help unlock a betting niche by finding a strategy that can target certain matchups. Some popular betting strategies will be discussed later in the guide. Once equipped with the right betting options and a strategy, it is time to begin wagering.

Types of College Basketball Bets in New York

New Yorkers will be able to place a wide variety of wagers when betting on March Madness and the NCAA Tournament. From simple one-off bets to complex parlays to futures at any stage of the tournament and so much more, there is sure to be an option for everyone.

With an extremely fluid event with so many different teams like March Madness, it is important for sports bettors to have numerous ways to play. Odds can change drastically across rounds as upsets occur and paths open and close, so having multiple betting options is a great way to extract full value from wagering. Comparing shopping lines and available betting options at various NY-based online betting companies can also help.

The recommended New York March Madness betting sites can offer bets including:

Standard Odds

Many college basketball bets will be presented in odds form, including bets on individual games and futures bets. Odds bets are signified with either a + or - notation. A bet that has + odds, like Buddy Boeheim of Syracuse at +5000 to win National Player of the Year, will net a profit of the + amount for every $100 wagered. So he is a substantial longshot and $100 bet would profit $5000 in the unlikely event it hit. Odds marked with a – require the wagerer to spend that amount of money to win $100 profit.

Point Spreads

Point spreads are one of the most popular wagers in college basketball betting, and the sports betting industry. Games will have a line created for them and a favorite determined. The bet will be presented in + or - form, with the favorite always being listed as the - side, but unlike odds the numbers indicate the amount the team must win or lose by to cover, rather than amount of money wagered needed for a certain profit. So, if Hofstra is listed at -6.5 against Elon, they are favored to win and must win by 7 for bets on them to hit.


Moneyline bets are one of the primary options for betting on college basketball games. To wager on the moneyline, simply pick who will win the game straight up. The bet will be presented in odds form. For instance, if Hofstra is -300 on the moneyline against Elon, it would require a $300 wager to net $100 were the Pride to win.


Totals bets are bets on how many points the two teams playing will collectively score in a game. These bets are commonly known as over/unders as they require bettors to select whether the score will be over or under the given number. A total line of 149.5 for Hofstra-Elon means the two teams must score 150 combined points for the over to be the winning side.


Parlays combine multiple bets into one package where every individual bet, otherwise known as a leg, must hit for the bet to win. Bettors do not need to stick to one type of bet when creating parlays and can mix and match spreads, moneylines, totals and props as legs. For example, if Syracuse and St. John’s are both playing on the same slate, it is possible to parlay Syracuse on the moneyline, St. Johns to cover the spread, the under for the St. John’s game and over for Buddy Boeheim points into one single bet which will pay far more on a winning ticket than the individual legs would have paid had they been wagered on individually.

March Madness Odds

March Madness futures odds will be offered across New York betting sites at all points of the season. There will also be numerous ways to play each individual tournament game once the bracket is released. St. Bonaventure is currently the New York team with the lowest odds to win the tournament at +8000, while Gonzaga is the overall favorite.

Live Betting

The recommended March Madness betting apps and sites will all feature an array of live game betting options. Players will be able to find updated spreads, totals and moneylines during games throughout the college basketball season and March Madness. This can help players find value if the game is going differently than expected. For example, if Hofstra gets down early to Elon, the spread may drop from -6.5 in game, but if a bettor is still confident in Hofstra, they can get a more favorable line betting after tip-off in this scenario.

March Madness Props

Throughout March Madness, online betting sites will have various prop bets available for wager that offer a different angle for playing the tournament. Players will find bets on things ranging from points players will score to how many lower seeded teams will advance to the champion’s seed or region and so much more. Last season, there were props offered on whether Jim Boeheim would pick his nose on camera, so except to see some interesting options when browsing options. But, all of these different bets offer players multiple ways to attack their favorite picks, generate extra value after a busted bracket and have extra fun with this wild event.

1H and 2H Bets

While whole game total lines are more common, the top New York March Madness betting apps will offer over/unders for just the first or second half of games as well. This can be a way to differentiate and find an edge, as these totals are not bet as frequently as full game totals. Understanding team trends is huge in this market as some teams can be much better in a certain half. Because of these trends, first and second half lines will not simply be half the total line. For Hofstra and Elon, the full game over/under may be 149.5 but because of play style expectations, the first half line is only 70 instead of the 75 it would be if it were split evenly between the halves.

March Madness: Betting Strategies and Tips

With so many different games and teams to follow, betting on college basketball can be daunting. It is practically impossible to keep up with everything, but luckily this also works in bettors’ favor because it is also difficult for the books. There is such a volume of college basketball betting options that lines slip through the cracks and plenty of value is available. Just do not try to bet on everything and look for selective plays where an edge may be obtainable.

Information is king and it is important to develop trusted sources for stats, trends, and injury updates. Staying current with the news and watching for lines as they are posted will allow players to jump on the best bets, especially if they are shopping lines from multiple March Madness betting sites and apps. The sports gambling sites listed in this guide will all offer certain tools for college basketball bettors, but it is important to compare them and read reviews to find the most suitable book(s). With all of this in mind, here are some betting strategies that can help players maximize returns throughout the regular season and March Madness:

Know How Much is in Your Bankroll

The first thing bettors need to consider is the amount of available funds they have for wagering at their disposal. This will help determine where players should focus their energy as certain betting strategies require the flexibility of a larger bankroll. If a player has a smaller bankroll that is fine, it is just important to understand limits. Bet responsibly and never bet what can not afford to be lost.

Understand the Over/Under and Betting on Totals

Over/under bets are some of the most popular college basketball bets. But, with so many more teams, a less homogeneous game and a longer shot clock than the NBA, pace can very wildly from game to game in college. During the first round of March Madness, the difference between the highest and lowest totals of the day can be up to 40-50 points apart. Knowing how teams play is essential to success in the totals market.

Online betting sites for sports gambling tend to underestimate totals in the games with the highest expected scores, so there can be value found taking overs on these games. When handicapping totals, pay particular attention to a team’s efficiency and pace of play, while noting any special matchups or other factors that may affect the expected scored to get a complete perspective.

Betting On Underdogs vs. Favorites

March Madness is a time of upsets, particularly in the first two rounds. While chalk usually rises to the top by the end of the tournament, lower-seeded teams win multiple games a day every year during the first weekend. While the public tends to get overzealous betting on certain buzzy underdogs against the spread, placing a well thought out moneyline bet on an underdog can return a lucrative profit. Just be sure to target selectively and do not get caught up trying to bet on too many underdogs.

Get Familiar with the NCAA Basketball Season

Many people who bet on March Madness, do not watch all that much college basketball, if any, during the regular season. With so much novice money flowing around the market, it is essential to find a way to get an edge on those picking blindly. While watching games throughout the season and following stats/trends will be the way to feel the most confident going into the tournament, not everyone has time to fully dedicate themselves to the season. Before placing March Madness bets, looking at an advanced stats website like or can help bettors understand the full college basketball landscape. It is also important to understand the types of teams that usually win during March Madness, as the eventual champion is usually a balanced team with both a high-level offense and defense that is led by upperclassmen and typically has multiple professional prospects.

Bet the Blowout System on NCAA Tournament Wagers

Research has shown that favorite’s coming off a win of 15 or more points tend to underperform in their next game. With that in mind, look at wagering against teams who are coming off a blowout win. While these teams do not necessarily lose their next game, they are susceptible to failing to cover the spread. Teams that are favored by at least 10 points the game following a blowout victory make the best targets for betting against on the spread.

Consider the Martingale System

The Martingale system is a betting system that involves doubling the amount wagered on the wager following a losing bet. Say a bettor wagers $25, under the Martingale system the bettor would be required to wager $50 if that bet did not hit. It is best used when following one team for a period as knowing team trends can help know when to cut bait if losses start to pile up. The Martingale system requires players to have more available funds than other systems due to the need to double up bets after losses, so it is not for everybody. But, for players with bankroll flexibility it can be a way to help minimize risks if they understand there may be certain times they need to give up should losses compound too much.

Consider the Tunnel Betting Strategy

The Tunnel system requires bettors to compare lines from different gambling sites in search of the largest gap between them. The bettor then wagers on one side with one betting site and on the other side with another book, taking advantage of competing lines.

If a player finds a total of 149 at one book, bets the over, and then finds the same total at 152 at another book and bets the under, the player will win both bets if the game finishes at 150 or 151 points, which is the most common expected outcome. If the total is outside of this range, or tunnel, the player will still win one bet which helps minimize losses.

The tunnel system requires bettors to hit both bets at about a 10% rate to maintain profitability and books do not always have large gaps in lines, but because the tunnel is the outcome with the highest probability, if a player has the patience to bet only the largest gaps it can pay off handsomely.

Consider the 1st Round Under Strategy

During the first round of March Madness, teams often start slow, leading to value in playing unders on totals bets. This is particularly notable during the first half of games and bettors who are willing to move into the lesser played first half market can find an edge. Betting on the first half under when the public favors the over for game in has proven to be a successful strategy, though it works more effectively when ignoring the worst matchups between 1-16, 2-15 and 3-14 seeds. Also, keep in mind the second half is typically the higher scoring half in college basketball games.

Best College Basketball Teams in New York

There are 22 Division 1 (D1) basketball programs located throughout the state of New York, second most of any state in the country behind California’s 24. Players may not bet on these teams within state lines, which is unfortunate but that should not impact March Madness betting much beyond a select few first weekend games.

Only two teams in New York are in power conferences, though several of the state’s mid and low-major programs routinely make appearances in March Madness. These are some of the state’s top programs:

Army Black Knights

Despite at one point being coached by Hall of Famers Bob Knight and Mike Krzyzewski, Army is one of only four original D1 programs that has yet to make an NCAA Tournament appearance. Guards Jalen Rucker and Josh Caldwell are looking to change that, and they have a chance as Army was picked in the preseason to finish fourth in the America East. The West Point based Black Knights are led by sixth year head coach Jimmy Allen.

Buffalo Bulls

After making four tournament appearances in the last eight seasons, Buffalo is once again looking to return to March Madness. The Bulls are an experienced squad that starts four seniors, three of whom were double digit scorer’s last season. The Bulls were picked to win the Mid-American conference, and though they struggled somewhat in non-conference play they still have the firepower to be a dangerous team.

Colgate Raiders

Since getting to Colgate 11 seasons ago, head coach Matt Langel has done a remarkable job reviving the Hamilton based program. The Raiders made the NCAA Tournament in both 2019 and 2021, after previously only having appeared in 1995 and 1996 when longtime NBAer Adonal Foyle starred for them. Despite going 4-9 in non-conference games, Colgate owns a win over Syracuse and will surely factor in the Patriot League race, as they were picked second by only a single point in the league’s preseason poll.

Cornell Big Red

Cornell is looking to return to March Madness for the first time since making three straight tournaments from 2008-2010. The Big Red feature tremendous depth and play at one of the fastest paces in the nation. In a wide-open Ivy League that did not play last season due to the pandemic, Cornell will have to be respected as they can put up points in a hurry.

Hofstra Pride

Program legend Speedy Claxton is in his first year as the head coach at his alma mater, and Hofstra has already taken Houston to overtime and defeated Arkansas under his direction. Guard Jalen Ray was first team all-conference last season and his back for his allowed extra season of eligibility. The Pride won the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Tournament in 2020, but saw the NCAA Tournament cancelled on them, so they are seeking their first official bid since 2001, Jay Wright’s final season coaching the team before taking the Villanova job.

Iona Gaels

Rick Pitino’s redemption tour continues in New Rochelle and the Hall of Famer has the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) power looking strong again in his second season at the helm. Iona knocked off Alabama in the ESPN Events Invitational in November, after falling to the Crimson Tide in the first round of last year’s tournament. SMU transfer Tyson Jolly and reigning MAAC Rookie of the Year Nelly Junior Joseph lead the Gaels in search of their 16th tournament appearance, seven of which have come since 2012.

Marist Red Foxes

While Iona may have been the preseason favorite in the MAAC, Marist was picked to finish third in the league preseason poll. The Red Foxes share the ball worse than any team in D1, but Jao Ituka has been one of the most productive freshmen in the country on a per minute basis, despite coming off the bench. 12-year NBA veteran Rik Smits led Marist to their only tournament appearances in 1986 and 1987.

St. Bonaventure Bonnies

Last season’s edition of the Bonnies won the Atlantic 10 regular season and conference tournament but got bounced in the first round of the NCAA tournament by LSU. All five starters, including three all conference honorees in Kyle Lofton, Osun Osunniyi and Jaren Holmes, decided to return for their senior seasons, giving the Bonnies one of the most experienced teams in the country. They are once again picked to win the conference and have already claimed the Charleston Classic championship earlier this season.

St. John's Red Storm

Picked to finish fourth in the Big East, St. John’s is looking to breakthrough to the NCAA Tournament for the first time under third year head coach Mike Anderson. Julian Champignie and Posh Alexander lead an up-tempo Red Storm team that prides itself in forcing turnovers and thrives in transition. Despite a rich history of success and 27 overall tournament appearances, St. John’s has only qualified for five since 2000.

Stony Brook Seawolves

Despite only joining Division 1 in 1999 and experiencing the initial struggles typical of teams that move up a level, Stony Brook has established themselves as a formidable presence in the America East. Steve Pikell led the Seawolves to four conference regular season titles and a tournament berth in 2016 before leaving to take the Rutgers job. This year’s team is looking to make the school’s second tournament as the America East preseason favorite.

Syracuse Orange

In his 46th season leading the Orange, legendary coach Jim Boeheim has a family affair on his hands. His son Jimmy transferred in from Cornell, joining his other son Buddy and all-time leading New York high school basketball scorer Joe Girard III to create a highly skilled trio for the Orange. Syracuse does not get much bench production and their trademark zone defense has been allowing threes at an alarming rate, but they are always dangerous in March if they make it.

Wagner Seahwaks

Wagner has yet to make a tournament appearance in their history, but they are knocking at the door. Coach Bashir Mason has led the Seahawks to three regular season titles since 2016 and this year’s team is once again projected to take home the Northeast Conference (NEC) crown. Wagner returns four double digit scorers from last season including NEC Player of the Year Alex Morales and fellow all-conference first teamer Elijah Ford.

Stream NCAA Tournament Basketball Games Online

The NCAA makes streaming March Madness easy through their March Madness Live website and mobile app. March Madness Live allows users to watch every game for free with their cable subscription either online or through the app, which is available for download on all mobile devices.

For those without a cable subscription, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV and AT&T TV are the best options for streaming March Madness. All three of these services offer all four networks required to watch the NCAA Tournament: CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV. Other streaming providers offer some, but not all, of these networks in their packages, making it harder to watch in one place, which is why using YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV and AT&T TV is recommended for those looking to stream the entire tournament.

Responsible Gambling During March Madness

As with all gambling, remember to exercise responsible gaming principles during March Madness. Do not feel the need to bet on everything and set limits and stick to them, bearing in mind this is ultimately for fun. Please visit for any needed assistance.

Final Thoughts on March Madness Tournament Betting in New York

The ability of finally legally bet on March Madness this year in New York is certainly exciting. Players will be able to take advantage of all sorts of great offers from New York March Madness gambling sites upon launch. Those who are willing to sign-up for multiple online betting sites or apps will find themselves reaping even more rewards, as each book has unique strengths and weaknesses.

For example, BET MGM offers an excellent platform for new bettors, while DraftKings offers an elite rewards program. Market leader FanDuel excels by how well they integrate their product, daily fantasy platform and online casino. However regardless of what March Madness betting app they sign up for, New Yorkers will find tons of options for betting this March and that should make this tournament even more exciting than it already is.

FAQs: March Madness Online Betting NY

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