Super Bowl 58 Betting: Make Futures Bets Now

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Super Bowl 58 betting odds are available now. You can open a sports betting account and make a futures bet, or start tracking odds.

Super Bowl 58 Betting Promos

Super Bowl 58 is months away, but futures windows are open.

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New York is No. 1 nationally for mobile sports betting, and there is a big battle for your sports betting bucks.

But who is offering what you want out of your betting experience? That's where we come in. We're going to give you a top-down look at the whole field and break down the Xs and Os of the best NFL betting sites in New York. You will also be able to find the best Super Bowl odds and the best NY sportsbook promos available.

Top NFL Teams Favored To Win Super Bowl 58

The Top 10 favorites all had some optimism at the end of last season. Using the latest Super Bowl odds from Caesars Sportsbook, here are the all playoff teams and their odds to win Super Bowl 58. Wouldn't a Super Bowl betting promotion come in handy right now?

1️⃣  Kansas City ChiefsOffseason: +600
2️⃣  San Francisco 49ersOffseason: +700
3️⃣  Philadelphia EaglesOffseason: +750
3️⃣  Buffalo BillsOffseason: +850
5️⃣  Cincinnati BengalsOffseason: +1000
6️⃣  New York JetsOffseason: +1400
7️⃣  Dallas CowboysOffseason: +1600
8️⃣  Jaguars, Lions, Chargers, RavensOffseason: +2500

Down the table a bit, the New York Giants are T16 at +4000.

Odds subject to change. Last updated 5/1/2023.

How Do I Rank The Best NY Super Bowl Betting Promos?

As I just showed you, you're going to find different Super Bowl 58 odds at different places. But that might not be the only reason to go with or to skip one of the Super Bowl betting apps in New York . Many factors can come into play, from the response time of an app, to the loyalty rewards programs, to the Super Bowl betting bonuses, free bets and other promo codes set up for new users. You may even find that the best Super Bowl odds for your betting style span across two or three different operators.

Let's go over a few of the details here so you can make the best decision for yourself when it comes Super Bowl betting.

Types of Super Bowl Bets Allowed

Betting on NFL games, especially in the postseason, provides a seemingly endless array of options, from the most common point spread action to parlays around individual player performance and props related to the special teams.

Any of the Super Bowl betting apps will take your action on the spread, the over/under, and the moneyline, but if you're going to go deeper than the basics for the big game, you're going to want to take a close look at what's being offered. This is especially crucial when it comes to Super Bowl bets. Oddsmakers will have examined and re-examined the game from every angle imaginable prior to kickoff, so the Super Bowl betting odds will be pretty similar on the most common ways to bet. It's further down the board where bettors are likely to find more daylight between the books.

Super Bowl Betting Lines and Odds

With help from Super Bowl betting odds tables like the one above, we're constantly keeping our eyes on the lines so you can be sure you're getting the best Super Bowl betting odds available in New York. The number of mobile betting apps and websites available to you may be intimidating at first, but the state-licensed multiple operators to encourage competition, and you may find it advantageous to spread your betting around to multiple accounts across several Super Bowl sportsbooks. And we're not going to leave you hanging after the game. Check back for more reviews of the major sports betting markets both in and out of season, so you'll know which Super Bowl betting sites in New York have the action you want.

In the meantime, if you're new at this, you'll need to know how to read the lines in the American odds format, which is the default for all of the betting New York. In its simplest form, a plus sign tells you who the underdog is, the minus sign tells you the favorite, and the higher the number tells you how long the odds are and how much payout to expect - a higher number with a minus sign is a more likely outcome and smaller winnings, a plus sign with a higher number is a less likely outcome with a bigger payday attached to it.

NFL Betting Bonuses

One thing you should expect to see from all the New York Super Bowl betting sites and apps ahead of the Big Game is the introductory bonus. The legal sports betting operators, some of which are longtime sports betting operators, all want you in their tent, and dangle all kinds of offers to get an edge over the other places to bet on Super Bowl 58. With nine (or more) New York sportsbooks slated to fight for bets, understanding the intro bonus codes and subsequent Super Bowl betting promotions is an absolute must before choosing who will handle your Super Bowl bets. The no-brainer here is that if you're not getting a risk-free bet by using the WynnBET New York Promo Code, or a bonus to your first cash deposit, you're better off somewhere else. Here's what you can reasonably expect.

User Betting Experience

One vital factor you may not have considered ahead of your Super Bowl betting plans is the overall experience of using the sports betting apps and sites themselves. Operators such as BetRivers NY Sportsbook typically have a strong betting app user experience.

Getting the best odds is important, of course. The bonuses get you into the online Super Bowl sportsbooks and can pay off in a big way if you bet shrewdly. But if the platform crashes your phone, or if takes too long to place an in-game bet and it gets cancelled for timing out, you're just wasting your time and the only payout you're getting is a headache.

When you sign in to one of New York Super Bowl betting apps for the first time, you're going to want to get comfortable with the interface. If all you're looking to do is place a bet on the Super Bowl 58 point spread on gameday, that will probably be right in front of you when you open the site or app. But even a novice bettor should get up to speed on things such as:

  • Where the Bet Slip Lives
  • Where to Make a Deposit
  • What Banking Methods Work Most Quickly
  • How to Access Promos
  • Other Operator Specific Features

If you have enough lead time before the Super Bowl, you could even follow with a different sporting event to see how often and how quickly the odds update during live betting events. The better you know the playing field, the better you'll be able to place bets on the game.

Deposits and Withdrawal

Whether it's newer brands like PointsBet Sportsbook New York or longtime established operators, every legal sports betting operator coming to New York will have their own options for making a deposit into, and withdrawal out of, your account with them. Not surprisingly, this is another factor that can weigh heavily on your decision when it comes to whether you will use a certain operator for your betting. When I set my rankings for best options for legal sports betting apps and sites, withdrawal times and amount of banking options are both carefully considered.

Customer Support

Things go wrong, it happens. And it's certainly possible that something will go wrong during Super Bowl betting season. If that happens, you need to know that your issue will be resolved by the operator's customer support staff. It's important to our critiques and probably important to you too, that the New York Super Bowl Sportsbooks have robust options for having customer support issues handled.

Each of the Super Bowl betting apps slated for New York have some kind of support, and established brands like BetMGM NY Sportsbook typically have the most reliable services. Plenty of issues are addressed through a simple FAQ page. Some will give you a phone number and a window where you can expect a return phone call. I like to see an email option, because it allows for a record of any communication, and if a live chat feature is available, that's going to be the fastest option. Making sure you're familiar with an operator's customer support systems can help you set your expectations for resolving a problem, should it occur. Just don't go crying to them when your ten-leg parlay falls apart in OT. These people work hard enough without having to listen to you moan about a bad beat.

New York Super Bowl Betting Apps

The online betting sites are generally very easy to use, and in spite of the hundreds of betting options that will be available to bettors around Super Bowl 58, the web platforms lay everything out for you in an easy to digest manner. But the mobile betting apps are the real game-changer here. If you're at a Super Bowl party, you're going to find your favorite betting apps as essential as the seven-layer dip and the wings.

When it comes to mobile sports betting apps, I put a premium on usability and response. How quickly can you place a bet when you see a favorable line? Can you access promos around NFL action easily? Do the live in-game bets provide enough options to keep the action moving?

While some of the newer operators apps such as FanDuel Betting App NY tend to have better app experiences, any operator I recommend will feature an app that's easy to get around and can place your bet quickly and without a headache.

Is Betting On The Super Bowl Legal in New York?

Yes, you can legally bet on Super Bowl 58 in New York. And you'll have another full season to sharpen your gambling eye.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl Online?

So the retail sportsbooks will take your action right now, but are you really better off waiting for the online revolution to launch? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yessssssssss.

Super Bowl betting online, as we've noted, is going to be a feeding frenzy among the operators competing to handle your wagers. From the practical standpoint of the bettor, this is as big an advantage as you're likely to see. We've gone over the importance of shopping the odds to get the most favorable lines possible. If you're betting online, that's a matter of switching browser tabs or apps, rather than getting in the car and driving to a casino that you're hoping has friendlier odds. And you're not limited to one online betting operator, such as Resorts World New York sportsbook, either. You can place Super Bowl bets on all of them.

If the spread looks inviting on your favorite site but the prop bets get better odds on another? Play on both, they're not going to take it personally. Finally, unless you're one of those maniacs who prints out articles at the office and takes them into the bathroom, you can almost surely place bets on whatever you're using to read this, anywhere in the state. Try telling a physical sportsbook that you want to place your Super Bowl bets from your bathtub, see where that gets you.

And getting your Super Bowl betting account up and running is easy. In most cases, all you need is an email address to get started. You'll create a username and password and you're in. Depending on which of the NY Super Bowl betting sites you opt for, there'll be more info you'll have to provide before you can make a deposit or start betting real money, which is why I recommend getting ahead of that and setting up accounts as soon as you have a sense of where you're going to want to play.

Here's where we'll also mention that a few of these operators have things like a Daily Fantasy Sports product or Super Bowl contests, and if you're already playing there, you're going to want to carefully read the instructions on how to add the betting product to your existing account. If you try to create a new account at a place where you already have one, you could get locked out of both long enough to miss out on Super Bow Sunday entirely.

Must be 21+ to participate & present in NY. Gambling problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369). Visit for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.

Best Super Bowl Bets

As you decide where to bet on the Super Bowl online, you'll also want to consider how to bet. Here we'll break down the most popular kinds of Super Bowl football bets available on any of the many online operators coming to New York.

  • Super Bowl Moneyline Bets Moneyline bets are probably the easiest to understand, since all you're doing is picking the winner. The digits in the odds tell you how big a favorite or underdog you're talking about and what a potential winning would look like. Using Super Bowl LV as an example, one operator's moneyline odds at kickoff had the Kansas City Chiefs set as -157 favorites and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers listed as +138 underdogs. Based on a $100 bet, wagering on the Bucs on the moneyline would have paid out at $238. Had the Chiefs won, a $100 moneyline bet would have paid out at $163.69. Moneylines are found in most sports betting markets, but are especially popular in relatively low-scoring contests like baseball and hockey.
  • Super Bowl Live Betting Live betting is an exciting way to keep the Super Bowl wagers going even after kickoff. Whether you're looking at your website or app, you'll be able to see the betting lines move in real time, concurrent with the action on field. For instance, the first team to score should get a boost on the moneyline during a live betting event, while the team that gave up the points will take a slip. You'll also see live prop bets on such conditions as which player scores next, who rushes the most yards, or the exact score at halftime.
  • Super Bowl Parlays A parlay is a combined bet where every condition wagered on must be met to pay out, and you can expect the operators will offer same-game parlays, combining multiple conditions around the Super Bowl. For instance, you may be able to parlay a bet on the spread with one on the first player to score a touchdown, and an over/under on points scored in the 2nd half. The payouts are much greater than if you'd bet them separately, but every leg of a parlay is another condition that must be met for the wager to pay out. Under most circumstances, missing even one leg of a parlay is the last you'll see of your stake.
  • Super Bowl Point Spread Bets In the United States, point spreads are the most popular way to bet on higher scoring sports such as football and basketball. Betting on the spread is placing a wager on the margin of victory, which is to say how many points separate the winner and the loser when the game is over. It's a way for operators to even the odds when the teams are mismatched, since the underdog only has to finish inside the listed margin to "cover the spread", whereas the favorite will have to exceed the margin to cover. Typically point spread odds settle around -110 on either side - more or less even odds plus those extra ten points to the operator (the "juice") for handling the bet. One online betting site last year had the Kansas City Chiefs at -3 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +3, both priced at -110. Had the Chiefs won by 4 or more, they would have covered. All Tampa had to do was not lose by 4, but they covered easily by cruising to a win.
  • Super Bowl Totals Bets A totals bet, also known as an over/under, is another simple bet on the Super Bowl. Totals involve wagering on the final combined score of both teams. Here's another way to even out odds for the books, since the total final score has little to do with which team actually wins the contest. One online betting operator last year had the over/under for Super Bowl 55 (Bucs-Chiefs) set at 56 points, priced at -110 on both sides. With a final score of 31-9, the folks who bet the under got to cash in, while the ones who bet the over got to whine to Mike Francesca about what a "bum" Patrick Mahomes was.
  • Super Bowl Futures Futures bets around the Super Bowl refer to wagers placed long before the game is slated to take place. For instance, in mid-December as the playoff picture begins to take shape, you can find futures action around who will win Super Bowl 58 outright, and at least one operator is giving betting odds on which two teams will meet in Glendale, Ariz., this February.
  • Super Bowl Prop Bets A prop bet is, in its simplest terms, a wager related to something that isn't the final result of the contest. In addition to the normal prop bets around individual and team performance, certain places will offer Super Bowl Prop Bets around such cases as who will be the MVP or the result of the coin toss. And some available options barely have anything to do with football. Books have taken action on how long the singer of the National Anthem holds the word "brave" at the end, what color will the liquid be when the winning coach gets the cooler dumped on him, or what song will be performed first in the Halftime Show.

Super Bowl Betting Strategy And Tips

The more you know going in, the more likely your Super Bowl bets will bring you back a return. Sports bettors, especially novice bettors, need to come into the game with a strategy for how they want to bet and how they don't want to bet. If you're not comfortable betting on an over/under, don't let your idiot friend talk you into it. There's plenty of other action out there.

Make sure you carefully read the Super Bowl odds, know the odds, and understand the meaning of the betting odds so you know what you're risking, and what you're looking at if your bet hits. The online betting sites and apps will do the math for you, but make sure they'll pay out what you're expecting before hitting that button.

You'll also want to make sure you're dealing with a sportsbook that's legal and regulated by the state, such as BetRivers New York Sportsbook and the others. Again, I refer you to that table at the top of the page with the nine operators and their Super Bowl odds. Those books and your bets in them are regulated by the State of New York. If you're in New York and not dealing with those books, there's no telling what you're opening yourself up to. This is really one of those times when you want to color inside the lines, but you'll also want to read reviews as we get closer to kickoff. In reviewing the apps and sites, our writers get deep into detail as to what kinds of sports betting markets you can play in after the Super Bowl, and what sorts of bonuses they offer to new users as well as regular players.

Shop Betting Lines

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your online wagering experience is to shop the betting lines. That just means looking at the odds the operators are offering and opting for the wager with the most upside. For instance, if the moneylines you see around a team you like come in at BallyBets at +165, there's a chance that another operator will offer+180, which is going to pay out best if your Super Bowl bet wins. You can also find more advantageous picks that way. If one book has a 4-point spread and another has 3, depending on the odds given, you could be better served betting the underdog at the +4 or the favorite at the -3, to give yourself some wiggle room.

Betting Underdogs

It's tempting to look at the potential payout of an underdog and get excited. But the underdog is an underdog for a reason. Especially in an event this size, the minds behind the Super Bowl betting sites have looked at the big game from every angle. You're not going to outsmart the books here, especially if you're new at this. That's not to say the favorite will win and the underdog will lose, we're just talking about the realities of what the betting odds tell us.

In Super Bowl 55, the Chiefs were considered to have about a 60% chance of winning Super Bowl LV at the time of kickoff and they were routed. In Super Bowl 56, the Rams were favored and pulled it out. 

Bets on underdogs are going to pay out better if they win, but remember that they're more likely to lose. If you're riding with the Super Bowl underdog, watch how the lines are moving ahead of the game and remember they're playing against a football team, not a hype train.

Here are the double-digit point spreads (with results) from Super Bowls 1-56.

Super Bowl 3Colts (-18) vs. JetsJets, 16-7 (underdog won outright)
Super Bowl 4Vikings (-12) vs. ChiefsChiefs, 23-7 (underdog won outright)
Super Bowl 14Steelers (-10.5) vs. RamsSteelers won (and covered) 31-19
Super Bowl 20Bears (-10) vs. PatriotsBears won (and covered) 46-10
Super Bowl 2449ers (-12) vs. Broncos49ers won (and covered) 55-10
Super Bowl 28Cowboys (-10.5) vs. BillsCowboys won (and covered) 30-13
Super Bowl 2949ers (-18.5) vs. Chargers49ers won (and covered) 49-26
Super Bowl 30Cowboys (-13.5) vs. SteelersCowboys 27-17, underdog covered
Super Bowl 31Packers (-14) vs. PatriotsPackers won 35-21 (push)
Super Bowl 32Packers (-11) vs. BroncosBroncos won 31-24 (underdog won outright)
Super Bowl 36Rams (-14) vs. PatriotsPatriots won 20-17 (underdog won outright)
Super Bowl 42Patriots (-12) vs. GiantsGiants won 17-14 (underdog won outright)


Reverse Line Movement

Reverse line movement refers to the operators of the Super Bowl betting sites adjusting the lines away from the side that's bringing in the majority of the action. If experienced sports bettors who have been coming out ahead for a long time (sharps) favor one side of the action, especially the less popular side, the books will move the line to even out the wagers. That's because if there's equal action, the juice (remember that?) will guarantee that the books will make money. What does this mean for you? This is why it helps to shop the lines. If you're looking at a spread bet with a betting operator like Caesars Sportsbook NY where you're getting a +7, and a couple of the other Super Bowl gambling sites start to move the underdog's side to a +6 based on late bets being placed, you can still lock it in at +7 as long as every Super Bowl betting site you're monitoring doesn't move all at once.

Study Match-Up Trends

Keeping a close eye on the trends around a match-up, even in the Super Bowl, can help you understand how the money is moving around a sports betting option. There's a meta game to played by seeing which side has the bets are coming in. By following the trends, you can use that as a way to predict odds movement and jump in when you see an opening for an advantage.

Stay Away From Chance Prop Bets

The wacky Super Bowl prop bets like betting on the coin toss or the number of times the broadcast shows the commissioner sounds like dumb fun. That's what they are, and that's all they are. You may have noticed the sports media has a lot of airtime to fill during the Big Game, and only so much to talk about between the Conference Championships and Super Bowl Sunday. So you'll hear chatter about stuff like this, partly to keep non-fans at your Super Bowl party from dozing off. But when a betting option amounts to a random chance, there's no way to get any kind of betting edge. Bet small on these novelties if you insist on playing them at all, since all you're likely to get out of these is an icebreaker at the party.

Live Betting

Another edge the Super Bowl betting sites and apps give is the option of in-game betting through a live wagering feature. Because the operators have to adjust and readjust in real-time to the situations in the game, they rely more heavily on algorithms than the other factors they commonly use in setting their odds. So while the Super Bowl betting lines at kickoff have been researched to death, the football game still has to play out, and the actual play is harder to predict. Adding in the volatility of the football betting public going with their hearts over their heads (Note: this is not recommended), you're left with a field full of opportunities to make a splash if you can keep your wits about you and know what you're looking for.

NFL Teams With Most Super Bowls Appearances And Wins

San Francisco or Dallas could win its sixth title this season, but no tea will match New England's 11 Super Bowl appearances anytime soon.

TeamAppearancesLast Win
New England Patriots11 (6-5)Super Bowl 53 vs. Rams
Pittsburgh Steelers8 (6-2)Super Bowl 43 vs. Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys8 (5-3)Super Bowl 30 vs. Steelers
Denver Broncos8 (3-5)Super Bowl 50 vs. Panthers
San Francisco 49ers7 (5-2)Super Bowl 29 vs. Chargers
Green Bay Packers5 (4-1)Super Bowl 45 vs. Steelers
New York Giants5 (4-1)Super Bowl 46 vs. Patriots
Washington Commanders5 (3-2)Super Bowl 26 vs. Bills
Las Vegas Raiders5 (3-2)Super Bowl 18 vs. Redskins/Commanders
Miami Dolphins5 (2-3)Super Bowl 8 vs. Vikings
Los Angeles Rams5 (2-3)Super Bowl 56 vs. Bengals

Super Bowl MVP

One of the more popular Super Bowl wagers ahead in the Super Bowl betting action is around who will be named Super Bowl MVP. You can expect all of the online betting sites to offer Super Bowl props, and even if you're new to sports betting, prop bets in the big game are an option with a long history where you can pick up on trends without much guesswork. A quarterback has been named Super Bowl MVP more than half the time – 31 times in 56 games. Running backs and wide receivers each have won 7 times, and it falls off from there.

Streaming Super Bowl 58:

Super Bowl 58 is scheduled to take place February 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Super Bowl 57 had a viewership of 113 million – 106 million on linear and 7 million streaming..

Super Bowl 56 reported in at 101.1 million, with another 11.2 million who streamed the game. 

Super Bowl 55 had about 98 million people watching. 


Craziest Bets Placed On The Super Bowl

A deep dive into the Super Bowl betting history can get absolutely ridiculous, and it's not just a question of what's happening on the field during the football game. Whether it's a question of off-the-wall Super Bowl props or how much money a big fish decides to stake, keeping an eye on the props can at least be amusing even if it's not a great football betting strategy.

What's Bill Wearing? Sports fans across the northeast will tell you that Bill Belichick is known more for his cutting-edge approach to style than he will ever be for coaching Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl championships. From fashion capitals like Paris (Maine) to Milan (New Hampshire), all eyes are on Belichick as he rewrites the rules of haute couture from the sidelines. Prior to Super Bowl LII, bookmakers offered odds on what color his half-sleeved hoodie would be. Though his trademark grey at +130 may have been considered the smart money, Belichick wowed everyone with a statement piece in subtly distressed blue clothing, which the oddsmakers favored at -150.

Left Shark: The Sequel? Nobody who saw Katy Perry's halftime performance at Super Bowl 49 can forget the interpretations of the choreography performed by the dancer in the shark costume to Katy's right. It's hard to upstage Katy's own outfits, but this meme in human form managed the feat. Prior to Super Bowl 50, oddsmakers were taking bets on the Super Bowl halftime show, and if you knew where to look, you could bet on a repeat performance of America's favorite dancing marine predator. The odds at +1000 were tempting, but the shark was a no-show. Probably went to dancing class.

Go to the Mattresses: Houston mattress mogul Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale liked Tampa Bay's chances last season enough to want to bet $3.46 million on Super Bowl 55. While placing Super Bowl bets is illegal in Texas, DraftKings liked the idea of $3.46 million enough to fly Mattress Mack to a location where he could bet on the Super Bowl online through an app – and it worked out better for McIngvale's customers than DraftKings. When he cashed at $6.18 million payout, the retailer refunded customers who had spent $3,000 or more on a new mattress.

Get Started on Super Bowl Betting In New York

Now you have a better idea of what the landscape is ahead of Super Bowl betting season. You've familiarized yourself with the basics of the Super Bowl betting websites and apps, what other sports fans look for before they decide where to place their Super Bowl wagers, and how much money to stake.

But you can't be too informed, and I can help you plan your Super Bowl betting strategies before you lay any money down. has reviews of each of the New York sports betting operators' sites and apps, including tips on how to get the most out of their promotions like deposit bonuses and free bets. You can also read EmpireStakes'com guides on spreads, parlays and more, so when you see the Super Bowl betting line, you know what you're truly getting.

New York Super Bowl Betting Sites FAQ


Brian Dermody has downloaded and extensively reviewed all the top sports betting sites in the United States, so he is well prepared to break down all the top sportsbooks apps to ensure New Yorkers find the best betting site to sign up with.

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