NY Mobile Sports Betting: Best NY Sports Betting Apps

By Ryan Buschmeyer
Fact Checked by Lawrence Hollyfield

There are 9 New York mobile sports betting apps available, all from established US sportsbook operators. Sports bettors can choose from among several competitive sign-up bonuses once they download the best NY sports betting apps, sign up and fund an account. New York State consistently leads the USA in mobile sports gambling totals. 

Sports bettors have the best sportsbook operators offering the best NY mobile sportsbook apps. Sports betting trends in New York trends shows that players use an average of 3.3 apps to place their bets. Brand loyalty is not as important as first-time promos to help bettors build their bankroll. We reviewed every sports betting app in NY and and share here what we have found. 

Best New York Sports Betting Apps

Listed below are the best New York sports betting apps, and we have highlighted each brand's top feature to help you decide which betting app is best for you.

βœ”οΈ Caesars Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best welcome bonuses
βœ”οΈ BetMGM Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best app for markets and odds
βœ”οΈ BetRivers Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best value welcome bonus
βœ”οΈ WynnBet Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best rewards program
βœ”οΈ FanDuel Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best all-around app experience
βœ”οΈ DraftKings Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best app for contests & promotions
βœ”οΈ PointsBet Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best app navigation & ease of use
βœ”οΈ BallyBet Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best app software speed
βœ”οΈ Resorts World Bet Sportsbook App NY⭐ Best app registration

With 9 legal, verified NY mobile apps in the market, it's safer than ever to wager online. 

NY Sportsbook Apps And The New York Sports Betting Market

No matter your team or sport, multiple New York sports betting apps are available and will enable you to wager and enjoy their seasons even more.

The first four NY sports Betting Apps went live Jan. 8, 2022. BetMGM New York was the fifth app to launch, on Jan. 17. The PointsBet New York app was sixth, on Jan. 25. WynnBET and Resorts World Bet followed, then Bally Bet went live July 7, 2022 to round out the list.

Even if you have an account with one operator, you can keep getting new-customer bonuses by signing up and using the best New York Sportsbook promo codes. For most sports bettors, having multiple New York mobile sports betting apps is the way to go to maximize your fun.

NY Online Sports Betting Apps' Top Features

How do you sort through the multiple NY online sports betting apps? We've done the legwork and research for you, so you can find out what each app offers and determine quickly which ones are best for your style of play. 

We do think it is important that you at least review all nine of the sportsbook apps available in New York. It's also a good idea to download the apps and check out the interface. You can explore the app a little bit more this way, and you can download the app without opening an account.

Caesars Sportsbook App NY – Best Mobile App Bonuses

Caesars Sportsbook App NY hides sports that do not have open markets (such as NBA right after the season ends). This makes finding the most important and popular action quite easy. The Caesars sportsbook NY app still has a broad range of actionable markets and good site security.

The Caesars Sportsbook NY app boasts powerful tools to help you navigate the online sports betting world. It offers live betting, profit boosts and more. It is for sure a best sports betting app in New York. Even its newest promo offer is a strong one: up to $1,250 + 1,000 Tier Credits + 1,000 Reward Credits. It remains the largest risk-free bet in New York.

Caesars Sportsbook NY was one of the four operators ready on Day 1 of legal online sports betting landing in New York. That speaks to the professionalism of Caesars Sportsbook. And Caesars Sportsbook consistently has been the leader in offering the largest risk-free bet in New York.

BetMGM Sportsbook App NY – Best App For Markets And Odds

The BetMGM NY app interface, simple to navigate and perfect for novice users, is the best sports betting app available in New York for sports variety. The sportsbook app also has the widest array of payment options for users and quick withdrawals. Customer service and security are strong.

If there is a competitor in New York for the fame of Caesars Sportsbook, it is BetMGM Sportsbook, which covers the New York sports teams superbly and the national betting markets as well.

And despite the competition in the NY sports betting market since online sports betting launched, BetMGM stands out among the many sports betting apps. It bills itself as offering "the world's leading resorts and casinos," and that is a massive lure when it comes to attracting sports wagers.

BetRivers Sportsbook App New York – Best App For Value Welcome Bonus

The BetRivers Sportsbook App NY offers New York sports bettors a number of features that make it stand out in the market, including the broadest parlay possibilities. BetRivers Sportsbook also attracts attention in the sports betting space by

This is a NY mobile app not to ignore. This New York star trades on making a generous free bets offer that stands out in the NY sports betting arena. Although the BetRivers Sportsbook betting app is lagging a little in the ratings behind those of other mobile sportsbooks, its competitive odds have helped it make gains competing in the New York mobile sports betting space.

And it does offer a standout welcome offer in New York, with a Second-Chance Free Bet Up To $100. Use promo code EMPIRERIV.

WynnBET Sportsbook App New York – Best Rewards Program

WynnBET Sportsbook app has a streamlined interface that makes it a great choice for novice users, or those who focus on just a few betting markets. This online betting app's elegant design reflects its luxury brand and New York sports betting users will feel like they are part of something special using the mobile betting app. 

Additionally, WynnBET is an NY sports betting app that does a solid job of covering the major sports leagues and the New York professional sports teams. It is an official betting partner of the New York Jets, which can only help it get a leg up in the New York sports betting arena.

FanDuel Sportsbook App New York – Best All-Around Experience

FanDuel Sportsbook app is the highest-rated overall in New York. Its mobile sports betting app gets the best grades among all those listed here with a composite star rating of at least 4.7 at both Apple's App Store and the Google Play store. FanDuel's mobile app has a silky-smooth interface.

That's not the only aspect that makes it stand out in the New York mobile sports betting arena. It offers free bets in the form of a "$1,000 No Sweat First Bet" as of September 2022. That kind of offer makes this a New York sports betting app that I am going to investigate.

DraftKings Sportsbook App New York – Best App For Contests And Promotions

DraftKings Sportsbook App NY, with its wide range of payment options, rewards programs, promotions and up-to-date app design, is a fantastic choice for those entering the sports gambling space. 

In addition, DraftKings Sportsbook New York is a major player among New York sports betting sites because it offers so many ways to bet. There are live, in-game bets, multi-sport parlays, round-robin bets and futures, in addition to the traditional moneyline and spread bets that the New York sports betting public is used to seeing.

DraftKings Sportsbook traces its roots many years back into fantasy sports, so New York users of mobile sportsbooks can feel confident that the technology employed here will keep their money and their identity safe while they are placing sports bets with this NY online sports betting standout.

PointsBet Sportsbook App New York – Best Mobile Navigation And Ease Of Use

Eric Pauly's review of PointsBet Sportsbook app is decisive – the interface and experience are both positive. The range of sports, navigation and self-help for problem-solving are all are very good. PointsBest is the official betting partner of NBC Sports.

PointsBet Sportsbook is a leader in the New York sports betting market when it comes to live betting. It offers live same-game parlays, live player props and lightning-quick bets. PointsBet maximizes the engagement and entertainment and options, making this an NY sports betting app to check out.

  • Bally Bet Sportsbook New York – Best App Software Speed

    Users of the Bally Bet Sportsbook app will get top-notch customer service, and they also can earn free bets via the trophies program. Although Bally Bet was the last sports betting app to come online in New York, the Bally Bet Sportsbook app has been in use in other states and is polished and professional. Bally Bet knows how to compete in the New York online sports betting market. Bally Bet covers is similar to the other New York mobile betting apps in that it covers the largest professional leagues, but it is building an edge as an NY sports betting app that offers sports betting on MMA, NASCAR, soccer, tennis, golf, WNBA and multiple college sports. Bally Bet joined the market July 7, six months after New York State Gaming Commission opened the doors.

  • Resorts World Bet Sportsbook New York – Best App Registration

    The Resorts World Bet sportsbook app offers live, in-play betting, same-game parlays, traditional parlays, fixed odds, futures and more. You can places wagers from anywhere in the state of New York, any time of day – a mobile betting must – and the app is safe and secure. Since New York sports betting law opened the door for online sports betting, more and more bettors are finding out that Resorts World competes well in the New York sports betting market by offering live, in-play betting, same-game and traditional parlays, fixed odds, futures and more.

NY Mobile Sports Betting Apps Ranked By Sports

When it comes to offering the best options in the most number of sports, give BetMGM its flowers. The book has more options than anyone and it really is not very close. For that reason and several more, I'm giving BetMGM the best marks for betting sports online.

Best for football

Best Football Betting App – BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM's NFL markets, futures and props offer an enormous selection of wagering opportunities for the most popular sport in the United States. This, plus its competitive promos and welcome offers, make it the best for NFL wagers. At any given time during the football season, BetMGM offers more than 150 professional and college football markets, then adds Canadian football to that total. It's good to be the football king among NY sports betting apps, because the most sports betting action, the most profit for NY betting apps, the most fun for New York bettors and the most sports betting revenue for the state comes from September to February.


Best Basketball Betting App – PointsBet Sportsbook

When it comes to betting the NBA, everybody has the games and props, so what makes PointsBet stand out? It's the PointsBet model of points betting that adds a layer of excitement to the total wagers. You can bet standard total for Knicks vs. Bulls, and if they go over the total, you win. What if they go over the total by 20 points? With points betting on PointsBet sportsbook, your wager is multiplied by every point over. A $10 bet on the total would be multiplied by the number of points over the total, so in the case of 20 points over, your $10 is multiplied by 20 … a $200 win.


Best Baseball Betting App – BetMGM Sportsbook

Betting on baseball action is fairly standard across the board, so reputation and props make the difference here. As with football and hockey, BetMGM New York leads the industry for the same reasons; futures, props and specials – along with offers and promos – make BetMGM #1. Have to give some credit here, though, to FanDuel Sportsbook New York, which stood out to me for its ability to keep me engaged inning by inning. Its ongoing prop bets through a game made me not want to turn away, and with baseball being played six days a week for six months a year, that really is saying something.


Best Hockey Betting App – BetMGM Sportsbook

Nobody offers more specials and props on the NHL than BetMGM Sportsbook New York, from the futures on the division winners, to every individual trophy, award, and even which country (USA or Canada) will lay claim to the Stanley Cup. BetMGM New York also offers markets on Russia's KHL, Sweden's SHL, Finland's Liiga and the Swiss National League. This sports betting app has hockey wagering down cold. An honorable mention to DraftKings New York, which was the first New York sportsbook that I saw to post a line on a 2022-23 NHL regular season game, and that was in August.


Best Soccer Betting App – FanDuel Sportsbook

While BetMGM New York has the most markets, the investment by FanDuel Sportsbook New York in soccer betting is endemic. Owned by an Irish company, there is total investment is not only the European soccer market, but also others as well given FanDuel's user base. FanDuel New York stands out among NY sportsbook apps with the best odds and streaming for soccer fans around the world, making it the best app for the New York market.

Top NY Sports Betting Apps Ratings

Here are the scores for each New York sports betting app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Caesars Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.6
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.1

Review excerpt: "The free bets that you guys hand out are probably the best incentive out there in my opinion."

BetMGM Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.4

Review excerpt: "I love that BetMGM lets you turn on alerts for any games so you can get score notifications during it. I also love the 'edit my bet' feature which allows you to change your bet instead of having to cash out and replace it."

DraftKings Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8 
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.6

Review excerpt: "The profit boosts are nice and unlike anything I’ve ever seen on any other app or site. So that’s a plus."

BetRivers Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.5 
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.6

Review excerpt: "BetRivers sports wagering ... is the best, most organized app in NY. And customer service is also top notch."

FanDuel Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8 
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.7

Review excerpt: "Once I made my first withdrawal with my debit card (which took two days to verify, but no biggie) each withdrawal after has been instantaneous – and I mean instantaneous."

WynnBET Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.6
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.4

Review excerpt: "The promo offer is great and the general experience I had with this app has been amazing. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a new Sportsbook."

PointsBet Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.7
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.6

Review excerpt: "I honestly love the feel of PointsBet and I plan on using it as my main sportsbook. It is easy to place wagers and parlays, and they have a ton of options for each game."

Bally Bet Sportsbook App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.6
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.3

Review excerpt: "Tons of options to place bets on. I especially like the live betting action during live NFL games."

Resorts World Bet App NY

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 2.3
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.3

Review excerpt: "This is an excellent app. All the features I need, all in one place."

What To Look For In NY Legal Sports Betting Apps

When I review NY betting apps, I look at everything from the history and reputation of the operator/company, to features, ease of use, service options and what kind of experience the user will have holistically.

  • Mobile Betting App Speed

    In this modern age, if you don't have a smartphone … well, you're probably not reading this. Having your wagering data with you all the time, having the ability to change, add to or place new wagers whenever you want is THE best feature of the new online sportsbook marketplace. Mobile apps enable that ability and so much more. Some sportsbooks build their apps specifically for use on a mobile device with customized code, built from the ground-up; others simply β€œrepackage” the website in a mobile format. Customized code is faster and as a result presents a better experience for the user, especially with live, in-game betting. Well-built mobile apps take your betting experience to the highest level possible, and hopefully as well to the lowest level of frustration. Want to feel stress? Try to place a live bet and have your app bog down or your service be slow with the clock ticking.

  • Welcome Offers

    Welcome offers are sign-up bonuses for new users. Often a $1,000 risk-free bet, and sometimes even a $1,500 risk-free bet, is available, or money is added to your first deposit (with terms and conditions). These bonuses act as site credits to be used for wagering. They are not redeemable for cash unless translated into actual winnings, however, so don't expect to make a $10 deposit, and immediately withdraw $1,010.

  • Promotions

    Profit boosts, bonuses, reduced juice, free bets and play pools are all examples of promotions offered by manyΒ NY Sportsbooks. These promotions allow players to win additional cash, gear or experiences just by playing, and adds to the excitement of gambling. Just like free bets, promotions are a staple in online sports betting. A few words of explanation about the eye-catching risk-free bet. You are getting free bets, but understand that the money you get in the event of a loss comes back as a site credit. You do get to keep betting, but playthrough requirements will keep you from withdrawing the funds immediately. In some terms and conditions, the money you get for a risk-free bet must be re-wagered multiple times.

  • Sports Selection

    If you're a newcomer to New York sports wagering, you might not care about betting on the cricket tournament in Barbados; but if you're from the island and your team is playing, a wide selection is what you'll need. Some online sportsbooks specialize in streamlining their market offerings to just a few leagues at a time, while others offer markets on sports you didn't even know existed. Either way, knowing what New York sportsbooks offer is key to selecting the right one for you. And it does not purely come down to volume of sports. BetMGM Sportsbook New York, for example, offers wagers on 12 sports markets. Caesars Sportsbook New York lists 17 sports in its rail, while PointsBet New York has 13. But PointsBet has a "Name A Bet" offering that allows you to request odds on a contest. FanDuel Sportsbook New York (Colin Cowherd on college football) and PointsBet (Chris Simms on the NFL) bring in a celebrity and offer a niche that may spark your interest.

  • Competitive Betting Odds

    Odds are set by the book and are what determines whether you win or lose on your wager(s). Sportsbooks that offer the most competitive odds in betting markets give players the best chances to win and make money. And this is where you can get a big advantage by having accounts at multiple sportsbooks. If one New York sportsbook has the Jets as a 7.5-point underdog, but another New York sportsbook has them as a 6.5-point underdog, and you are bent on taking the Jets, then you want that extra point as it easily could make the difference between a win and a loss. Additionally, moneyline wagers can vary greatly. Ahead of the 2022 U.S. Open, one New York sportsbook had Matteo Berrettini at +2000 to win, but another New York sportsbook had the hard-hitting Italian at +3300. Same wager, massively different payouts if your underdog selection pays out. You absolutely would take the bet at +3300 if you are going to make it. That wager, at even $50, puts an extra $650 in your pocket if it wins – at no additional risk to you.

  • Betting App Interface

    If you can't find the markets you want to bet, or if it's simply difficult to navigate, the interface isn't working for you. The best app interfaces make it easy to find what you want quickly and easily and make clarity on your bet the highest priority. Being confused and having trouble placing bets is a recipe for disaster. New York sports betting app users will want to look for an interface they like and understand. Visual appeal also is important, so items as elemental as color, font and layout can give you different feelings of satisfaction using the apps.

  • Payment Options

    β€œHow do I get money into and out of an online sportsbook?” The answer: payment options. The more options you have, the easier it is to make wagers and get your winnings. You'll need to look at the specific options here to determine if the sportsbook you want to use offers the payment method(s) you'd like to employ. Additionally, check for limitations and lag time. Be prepared to not be able to access your money immediately. Apps usually require an approval window, and then there is the actual transfer window. You're dealing with a business, not a bank.

New York Sports Betting Apps Support

Can you get help when you need it? Are there resources available for you to help yourself through a problem, or do you have to send an email and wait? These questions, and more, are critical to your satisfaction in using an app or online website. In all reviews, these aspects of sportsbooks are covered in detail so you can feel comfortable and confident.

Online companies typically offer standard methods of support such as live chat, email and pages dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions. What EmpireStakes.com writers are looking for is what separates the best sports betting sites and apps. Items such as a phone number, an issue submission system or the ability to get someone to call you back are all great customer support features. Check out the list below listing the various support options for each New York sportsbook in this review.

Live Chat

Dedicated online support consultants are ready to β€œchat” with you online if you have an issue. This is normally a text conversation, sometimes with a computer (bot) first, then leading to an actual human who will attempt to help resolve your issue. Check the hours that an agent is available.


Dedicated online support consultants are ready to β€œchat” with you online if you have an issue. Email of course can be sent any time of day, which is an advantage over chat, but that does not mean it will be answered immediately.

Phone Number

Having a dedicated phone line to call and talk to a person is a HUGE benefit for a user who needs help right now because they want to bet on a game that is getting ready to start and they are having trouble logging-in. Online companies don't always provide phone numbers to actual operators, and that's the case with most sportsbooks. If getting someone on the phone is important to you, the table below will be a big help. Do remember that New York sportsbooks are not unlike any other business in that live phone agents are the most expensive way to go, so they will not offer many of them and the line to speak to someone could be lengthy.

Ticket System

There are also the options to submit a support request, along with the ability to attach a document to that request. Say you need help with something and have documentation that will help support your case, the ability to send that document to a support system is critical to getting help relatively quickly.

Call Back

Maybe having a dedicated phone line to call and talk to a person is a big deal to you, but can you at least submit a request for an operator to call you back? If it's not an emergency, but you need to talk to someone, submitting a call back request would be helpful.


Is a physical address provided to send documents to if needed?


Is a physical address provided to send documents to if needed?


βœ…  FanDuel Sportsbook App NYLive chat, email and FAQ
⭐  DraftKings Sportsbook App NYLive chat, email, phone, ticket, call back and FAQ
⭐  BetMGM Sportsbook App NYLive chat, email, phone, ticket and mail
βœ…  Caesars Sportsbook App NYLive chat, email, phone and FAQ
⭐  WynnBet Sportsbook App NYLive chat, email, phone, ticket and FAQ
βœ…  PointsBet Sportsbook App NYLive chat, email and FAQ

NY Betting Apps: Security

While mostly an afterthought, security is likely the most important attribute of a New York sportsbook and app. Can you feel confident your money and your data are protected?

You are considering sending money to an organization that you expect will protect that extremely valuable resource. The security of your money and your data should be a critical component of your decision-making. I have identified five security factors across the seven sportsbooks profiled here, each with unique benefits:

Password Complexity

What are the requirements of the passwords generated for the site? Cyber Security experts agree the length of the password is most critical, but also changing case, use of numbers and special characters add to your password's security. A strong password is less likely to be compromised. It is a plus to work with New York sportsbooks that have minimum standards for password complexity; they will not let you choose a password that is too obvious.

ID Verification

How does the sportsbook know if the person signing-up is who they say they are? Online services use databases to generated ID verification questions for the user to answer when they register. These questions may include previous address listings, nearby hospitals, and more. This security measure helps prevent identity theft.

Enhanced Security

This is more of a vague category but simply put, it is an additional measure that helps keep your account safe. For sportsbooks reviewed here, the website asks the user to register a PIN that is required at login. This helps your account security in the event your password is compromised.

Two-Factor Authentication

This has become industry standard for all enterprise applications including Google Workspace, Apple's iCloud, and Microsoft's Office 365 along with many other online platforms. This type of security measure can send a text message to your phone either requiring an approval to login or providing a code that you will use to complete your login. Outside of your password complexity, this is the most important security feature in my opinion.

Security Questions

Only one of the New York apps reviewed features this measure, but for self-service account recovery, it is very attractive. You have probably seen these before where you select questions and then provide answers to those questions to verify it is you. In most cases, these are used to verify the identity of the user if an account is locked-out or if a password change is requested.  

βœ…  FanDuel Sportsbook App NYWeak password complexity, ID verification, 2-factor authentication
βœ…  DraftKings Sportsbook App NYMedium password complexity
βœ…  BetMGM Sportsbook App NYWeak password complexity, 2-factor authentication
βœ…  Caesars Sportsbook App NYWeak password complexity, 2-factor authentication, security questions
⭐  WynnBet Sportsbook App NYMedium password complexity, ID verification, personal identification number
βœ…  PointsBet Sportsbook App NYWeak password complexity, ID verification, 2-factor authentication

Mobile NY Sports Betting Apps vs. Online Sportsbooks

The advent of online sportsbooks and sportsbook mobile apps has radically changed the gaming industry. Previously you had to travel to an actual physical sportsbook (in Nevada) or a local β€œbookie” to place your wagers … the latter of which may have been ... ahem ... under the table. Now most anyone can turn legal wagers in from the comfort of their home, the stadium or wherever gaming wagers have been legalized.

Online sportsbooks have brought more competition, wider audiences, and creative enhancements to gaming. New York sports bettors can choose from nine online sportsbooks that serve their state, pick which book has the best odds, play in pool contests or games and cash out directly to their bank accounts.

Note – Online gaming is not available in all 50 states, so players will need to be physically located in a legal state to place wagers. Fortunately in New York, the legislature and governor made sports betting legal beginning in 2022.

Using A Mobile Sportsbook App

I wrote about this above, but using an app on your phone or tablet is almost second nature to everyone. Even my 95-year-old grandmother has a smartphone. Sportsbooks are figuring out that to reach the widest audiences, you have to have a mobile app … and the best ones are spending the time to make the app slick, fast and easy to use.

Also, using a mobile app allows you to connect your account to your wallet on the device. iPhone users can connect their account to Apple Wallet and the same goes for Android users with the multiple options they have for Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Betting On An iOS Mobile Devices

Betting on iOS apps is easy for most of the sportsbooks apps I've reviewed. The only drawback to using the mobile app is you don't have that large screen to show all the data. That said, you might not have that requirement if you're just checking your bets from the stadium or a restaurant. iPhones have fingerprint and/or FaceID and some sportsbook apps allow you to employ these biometric devices for additional security. Check out the individual reviews of each app to see which one does if that's important to you.

Betting On An Android NY Sports Betting Apps

Betting on Android apps is just as easy as it is on iOS apps. It appears the developers haven't changed much of the app from platform to platform, so the above comments are valid for Android phones. Many Android phones also support fingerprint or facial recognition logins (some support both), so the sportsbook apps that take advantage of these features offer enhanced security. Again, check the full reviews of the apps to see which one suits your needs the best.

Reasons To Use An NY Sportsbook App

When picking from among NY sportsbook apps, you need to take into account several factors. Here are some of my favorite key features that are offered by New York sports betting apps. 

  • Ease Of Use

    Providing a New York mobile sports betting app for wagering is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to the gaming industry. Having everything in your pocket – your wagers, your winnings, your options and instant access to data and odds from around the world – is the dream of every bettor. And providing that access is the dream of every sportsbook.

  • Accessible Sports Betting On The Go

    Not only are you free from having to physically go to a sportsbook – no retail sports betting unless you want – you don't even have to have a laptop to make wagers. Better yet, you don't even have to have WiFi as just a cell signal will suffice. You can have instant access to all your data anywhere, anytime, on your mobile device.

  • Bonuses Only Available On Mobile Apps

    Some mobile betting apps offer promotions and specials only to users on mobile apps, so even if you plan to use the online interface primarily, you'll want to have the New York sports betting app installed to be able to take advantage of those promotional offers.

  • Sports Streaming

    More US sports betting apps are providing sports streaming for sports bettors, and this allows you to view sports (including horse racing) on your mobile phone. Television and cable companies can offer only so much on their programming schedules – with live streaming through sportsbook apps, you can catch live sports any time from all over the world. You might even be able to watch that darts tournament in Ireland and keep an eye on your parlay. How cool is that, New York?

  • Funding Accounts Can Be Easier With Mobile Wallets

    With Google, Samsung and Apple providing access to banking through their on-board apps (and third-party apps as well), paying for everything from groceries to lumber can be done with a tap and a fingerprint (or FaceID). Now, adding money to your mobile New York betting apps account/wallet and getting your winnings is easy, too. Simply set up the connection between sportsbook apps and your wallet, and transfer the funds … and withdraw your winnings.

Live Betting on New York Sports Betting Apps

Placing bets on games as they are happening has always been available at sportsbooks, but you have to get to the window with the slip, hope the odds didn't change in the interim and place the bet. With the best New York sports betting apps, instant access to live action got better … but now with mobile apps, it's perfect. Live betting was invented long ago; it is perfected on mobile apps, and New York sportsbooks bring it to you.

Get Started Betting With Online Sports Betting Apps

New York betting apps will provide all these services and more in the near future. Online betting apps in New York provide users instant access to a world of gaming, contests, streaming, promotions, rewards and much, much more.

Expect to see more reviews from EmpireStakes.com as more NY sports betting bills keep opening doors for sports betting. This site will offer guidelines on mobile sports betting, types of betting available, apps and more.

With the state raking in 51% of the operators' profits, you can be sure that the state will legalize online sports betting for more operators in future sessions. That means more mobile betting and is good news for New York bettors.

New York Sports Betting Apps FAQ


Ryan Buschmeyer is a software developer professionally, which make him perfect for analyzing the top betting apps in terms of what features they have to offer as well as identifying what sets each sportsbook apart from the other brands in New York.

Cited by leading media organizations, such as:

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