Caesars New York Sportsbook: Launch Preview and Bonuses

With New York sports betting coming soon to the Big Apple, every operator around is lining up to get your action. Caesar’s Sportsbook is planning on becoming one of the major players in the Empire State, but are they right for you?

We’ll give you the lowdown on who they are, when they hope to arrive, and what you should expect when they get here. We’ll also make you’re aware of the promotions they have in store for new players.

Caesars New York Sportsbook At A Glance

🥇 Best For:Rewards Program
🖊️ Welcome Offer:First Bet Match Up to $1,001
💳 Minimum Deposit:$20 On Digital Deposits
💰 Wagering Requirement:$0.10
✔️ App Available:Yes
⌚️Withdrawal Time:3 Days
📆Online Since:2018

Caesars New York Sportsbook: Overview

Caesars Sportsbook is a part of the Caesars Entertainment brand, which has existed in some form since 1937 when Bill Harrah opened a bingo parlor in Reno, Nevada. With dozens of hotels and casinos operating under their many brand names, they’re one of the largest gambling companies in the world.

In 2013, they launched their digital product with an online casino in New Jersey. A sportsbook was added to their internet portfolio in 2019, and they’ve been adding new regions as online sports gambling has been legalized.

Caesars overtook London-based bookmaker William Hill in 2021, and rebranded the venerable British operation under Caesars banner in the United States, adding a more aggressive welcome bonus for new users. They were recently recommended for a mobile sports wagering license by the New York State Gaming Commission.

There are still a few hurdles to jump, but Caesars and the other operators all hope to be up and running in New York State very soon. Estimates put the launch at February 2022, but it could be earlier.

Caesars Online NY Launch Dates

📆 Mar. 15, 2021 - The New York State Assembly and State Senate advanced a budget proposal in quick succession providing for legal online sports betting.

📆 Apr. 6, 2021 - Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved a budget for New York that included legal online gambling.

📆 Nov. 8, 2021 - The New York Gaming Commission names Caesars Sportsbook among a total of nine operators recommended for an online sports betting license.

📆 Feb. 13, 2022 - The scheduled date for Super Bowl LVI, date operators would prefer to be up and running in New York.

Caesars Online Sports Betting NY Promo Codes

Because the New York sportsbooks promo codes are not yet available, we can only base our estimates off of what other states are getting from the promo codes at Caesars. But because there haven’t been many differences from state to state, this should give new bettors a good idea of what’s on deck.

In the past they have also run promos with deals like a risk-free bet, dealing back credits on a loss from $5 to $5,000 depending on the size of the first wager. Note that these offers are only good for new players, and players who already have a William Hill account aren’t eligible.

Sign-Up Offers and Promotions for Caesars New York Sportsbook

The Caesars New York bonus for new players aside, bettors will find great running deals on popular professional sports throughout the year. Here are a few that caught our eye and that players in New York should be able to look forward to.

✒️ Profit Boosts - Increase the net winnings by a certain percentage (usually 50%) in a cash payout on a straight bet.

✒️ End Zone Energy - Bet at least $50 on the spread of a game and earn $10 for every TD your team scores, whether you win or lose the spread bet.

✒️ Bet the Board - Wager $100 on 8 or more Sunday NFL games each, win $1,000 worth of free bets if at least 8 hit.

Caesars Sportsbook Features: Best Sports Betting Website For Ease of Use

We found that the Caesars Sportsbook New York website was user friendly with an easy-to-read layout, and convenient ways to customize it. You can switch back and forth between light and dark displays, and while we prefer the default American odds formats, decimal and fraction are at your fingertips if you’re more comfortable playing that way.

Beyond those features, the website has the sports markets on the left side, the lines down the middle, and your bet slip pinned on the right, where you can always keep an eye on it. We also appreciated that the promos above the action were mostly clean and free of a lot of unnecessary and distracting graphics.

Caesars NY: Types of Sports Bets Available

Caesars Sportsbook provides a host of types of bets and events for players to find action. Here are just a few of the options available to players at Caesars.

Straight Bets

A straight bet is a single wager on the outcome of a game or event, whether on a point spread or a moneyline. These are among the most popular bets, and Caesars Sportsbook straight bets are available for everything from pro football spreads to table tennis moneylines.

Total Lines

A total line is a bet on the final number of points (or runs, or goals, etc.) in a sporting event, including any overtime or extra innings situations. Caesars Sportsbook runs total line bets on popular sports like baseball, football, basketball and hockey.

Money Lines

A moneyline bet is a wager on the odds of one side winning a contest, independent of the point spread. Moneyline bets are found across sports markets throughout Caesars Sportsbook.

Parlay Bets

A parlay bet is a combined bet that links two or more outcomes, where all outcomes need to transpire for the bet to pay off. The risk is higher, the potential reward is greater, and on Caesars Sportsbook parlay bets are easy to make whether across multiple games or baked into a single event.

Futures Bets

A futures bet is a long-range wager laid down on an outcome determined much later. For instance, on Caesars Sportsbook in the offseason, players can stake a future bet on who will win the next Super Bowl before the Preseason even gets underway.

Prop Bets

Prop bets, short for proposition bets, deal with the outcome of a sporting event beyond winning and losing. Bowl games, and playoff games across major sports will often include prop bets on Caesars Sportsbook, such as “Which team will score first?”


Also available for play are the ever-popular Teaser bets, which are a variation on parlays. In a nutshell, you're adjusting the point spreads in your favor, but you have to win on each to cash in. Most sportsbook operators, Caesars Sportsbook New York included, will only offer teasers on football and basketball wagers.

Round Robin

Caesars Sportsbook New York also allows for Round Robin bets, which are a collection of parlays. It's a hedged bet, because not every pick you make needs to hit. For instance, picking three winners on a Round Robin only requires two to win for you to get a payday.

Caesars NY Sportsbook Top Betting Features

The New York online gambling market is about to be crowded with plenty of operators competing for your action. Fortunately for players, this competition means the gambling industry will be constantly evolving new ways to play, and any major sportsbook brand worth its salt will be offering deals and promotions to keep players coming back, and that includes Caesars Sportsbook.

Live Betting Options

Caesars Sportsbook offers live betting during some of the biggest games. This allows bettors the opportunity to bet on games in progress with live updates on the betting lines. You'll see competitive odds and enticing live prop bets listed as "Live Specials". Live betting is is especially great on the Caesars mobile sports betting app.

Bet Cash Outs

Sports bettors crave flexibility, and Caesars Sportsbook New York delivers with the cash out option, the ability to settle wagers before the final result. If your bets are coming in and you want to protect your winnings, or if the luck isn't going your way and you want to cut your losses, cashout can do that. Just check your Open Bets tab to see if cashout is eligible on your wagers and settle up early.

Odds Boosts

The Odds Boost is a common way for operators to make a bet more enticing to online sportsbook players. Briefly, it's an increase in odds on certain wagers in a game or prop bet that will deliver a larger payout on a hit. Caesars Sportsbook is no exception, regularly moving the odds in the bettors' favor.

Same Game Parlays

Caesars Sportsbook New York's same game parlay will allow you to place wagers on multiple aspects of a single contest, allowing you to keep track of your parlay without having to find the remote control. This could be as simple as combining a total points wager with a bet on the point spread. Caesars Sportsbook can handle up to ten legs on a single game parlay if the game's conditions allow for it.

Bets Allowed

There's plenty of ways to play at Caesars Sportsbook New York.

If moneylines, spreads and totals don't do it for you, there are player props and game props to choose from, as well as futures and plenty of ways to parlay, including teasers and Round Robins. What's more, there are about a dozen and a half different sports that you can wager on.

Sign-Up Process at Caesars Sportsbook NY

When you’re ready to play at Caesars Sportsbook New York, you’ll find it easy to create your account and to link it to your Caesars Rewards plan if you already have one.

Step #1: Enter Your Information

Step #2: Create Your Password and Enter Your Promo Code

Step #3: Accept the Terms & Conditions

Step #4: Check Your Email

Step #4: Claim the Caesars New York promo

Step #4:Make Your Deposit, Start Betting

Payments Methods Accepted by Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook New York’s payment methods haven’t been finalized as yet, but we’re anticipating the following based on their history. Obviously this is subject to change based on New York State laws and regulations, but the fact is that Caesars Sportsbook makes it easy to get your money in and out.

  • Debit and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard & Discover) (Deopsit Only)
  • eCheck through VIP Preferred
  • Online Banking verified through PayWithMyBank
  • Paypal
  • Caesars Prepaid Play + Card
  • Skrill
  • PayNearMe (Deposit Only)
  • Cash Deposits at a Caesars Retail Sports Betting Location

Payment Options

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • PayPal
  • ACH Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • American Express

Depositing Funds with Caesars NY

Making a deposit to your Caesars Sportsbook New York account is a streamlined process designed to get you back to the action you’re looking for quickly. Simply click on your account balance in the top right corner of the screen and hit the “Deposit” button.

From there you can select your preferred deposit method and enter the required information, including the amount of the deposit. Caesars Sportsbook recommends online banking, but provides plenty of options, so you can choose what works for you.

Caesars Sportsbook NY Withdrawing Funds and Payouts

Withdrawing funds from your Caesars Sportsbook New York is as easy as it is to deposit them. Again, clicking on your account balance will and clicking the “Withdraw” button will bring you to the several methods you can use to get your money out of your account and into your hand. Be advised it can take up to 72 hours to complete the transaction.

Caesars also accepts money at the cage of its retail sportsbooks.

Caesars NY Review: Rewards, Contests, and Tournaments

With the rise of legal sports betting in New York, the operators are jockeying for the best way to keep players coming back. For bettors, that means loyalty rewards and players would be hard-pressed to name a more complete rewards program than the one available through Caesars.

Caesars New York Sportsbook Rewards Program

Caesars Sportsbook is part of the Caesars Rewards program, a comprehensive entertainment destination program with plenty of perks at Caesars affiliates around the world.

Full details are on the Caesars Rewards website, but even at the lowest tier of membership, benefits include online bet credits, special offers at affiliated casinos, and free and discounted hotel stays.

Members also qualify for dining, shopping and entertainment benefits, and the highest tier members qualify for some pretty spectacular benefits. Be advised that Caesars Sportsbook is the only online sportsbook that allows users to earn Caesars Reward Credits, and that many of the perks offered through the program require players to be at a Caesars-affiliated location, such as a hotel or casino

User Experience of Caesars NY

A sportsbook is only as good as it is usable; if it doesn't work it won't be any fun. Let's get into the nuts and bolts of both the Caesars Sportsbook app and web-based platform so you know what you're getting into.

Caesars Mobile App for New York Bettors

The New York Caesars Sportsbook app, which you can get now on iOS and Android, has all online sports betting action in the palm of your hand. It's a user-friendly, customizable experience that will quickly get you to any promos, live action, and your bet slip with just a tap. The default screen gives you the most common wagers on the most popular sports, and other markets and action are easy enough to find.

There's also a separate mobile sports betting app experience optimized for tablet users, which split the difference between the phone and web-based platforms beautifully. And the ability to log in on iOS with Touch ID or Face ID only adds to the ease of getting and getting playing.

A drawback was that layout was a little cramped on a phone; it's not as easy to see everything relevant to your experience as you might like. That's common among most mobile sports betting phone platforms, but bears mentioning. The promos page especially may require a lot of scrolling to get where you want to be. It's great that there are that many promos, but it'd be great if they were easier to keep track of.

The only other quibble we had on the mobile sports betting app was that in locations where online casino gaming is also legal, the app really gives the casino product. With only so much real estate on a phone, there's no need to have three different callouts to the casino on screen at once in a sportsbook.

Caesars Sportsbook New York Online Platform

The Caesars Sportsbook website based experience is a real strength of the brand. As previously mentioned, the full screen layout with the bet slip always on the right is ideal for keeping track of your wagers.

It's also simplicity to deposit or withdraw from your bankroll, access customer support if need be, and navigate to any live betting or promos you'd care to access. The site is also responsive, meaning the layout will adjust to the size of the window you give it, and keep all the most important information right in front of you where it belongs.

Caesars Safety and Security

Caesars Sportsbook strives to provide a secure and safe legal sports betting experience to its users. New York state made online sports betting legal early in 2021, and Caesars was approved to operate their online sportsbook shortly after.

To ensure their business complies with all laws and regulations, Caesars Sportsbook uses secure connections through their platforms and uses cookies to assist in fraud protection.

If you play through Caesars Sportsbook, you will be responsible for ensuring nobody else uses your account, and they recommend using 2-Factor Authentication to help ensure your security.

Contact Caesars New York

Caesars Sportsbook provides several options for customer support should anything go awry with your account. With several problem solving methods at your fingertips, you should be able to resolve any situations quickly.

  1. Help Page

    The most common issues can be found on the Caesars Sportsbook Help Page, along with a the Terms & Conditions and Privacy pages and a quick way to access the sports betting House Rules. Try navigating the page to your question first, because the search leaves something to be desired.

  2. Live Chat

    According to Caesars Sportsbook, the quickest way to get a response from customer support is through their live chat feature. Issues related to logins or Caesars Rewards can be addressed here and chatting with an agent is also an option if you have a less common problem.

  3. Phone and Email

    If you don't like the live chat feature and can't find the issue on the help page, your luck hasn't run out. The Caesars Sportsbook support team is also available by email or by phone.

How to Bet Responsibly with Caesars

Responsible Gambling is a crucial aspect of the sports betting experience, and Caesars takes this seriously. In addition to providing a fair and regulated game, several controls are available to users to prevent getting in over their heads.

🚨 Deposit and Spend Limits - Users can limit the amount of money allowed to be deposited or wagered across a selected time frame.

🚨 Daily Time Limit - Players can set a maximum number of hours spent on the system in a day.

🚨 Cool Off - A bettor can take a break from their account from anywhere from 3 to 30 days.

Limits can also be adjusted, made more restrictive immediately and less restrictive after a waiting period.

If the limits Caesars has available to you aren't enough, and you think you may have a gambling problem, help is available in New York through your local Problem Gambling Resource Centers.

Caesars Sportsbook New York Review

In New York, sports betting is expected to be a huge business, and a renowned brand like Caesars could probably coast on name recognition alone, with more brand equity than the Fanduels and Rush Streets of the world. But they're not content to just coast. The attention to detail put into the website and especially the tablet experience of the mobile sports betting app make it clear that they want to be seen as using top of the line tech.

The Caesars Rewards package is another important wrinkle. It can rack up some seriously exciting perks for serious bettors, especially the bettors who like to make vacation plans around their gambling. That said, a casual sports betting player may prefer a rewards plan more focused on bet credits and boosts than bonuses based on gambling as a lifestyle.

But even the most inexperienced casual gambler will find something to like here, from the odds boosts and to the live specials. And if you're already a Caesars Rewards member, adding the Caesars Sportsbook to your portfolio is really a no-brainer.

Caesars Sportsbook New York FAQ

Caesars Sportsbook, at press time, has been recommended for a sports betting license. They hope to launch in New York State prior to Super Bowl LVI.

Caesars Sportsbook frequently runs risk-free bets as promotions for new users. We expect the Caesars New York promo code to be something similar to what is available in New Jersey.

The legal age to gamble in New York is 21, whether at a retail casino or through online betting.

There are no legal online casinos in New York. Whether this will change in the future is uncertain.

Caesars Sportsbook is currently available in AZ, CO, DC, IA, IL, IN, MI, TN, VA and WV.

Caesars expects to launch in New York with their Liberty Sportsbook app on iOS and Android

Live betting is a major component of Caesars Sportsbook, and will be available at launch in New York.


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