Odds Boosts In New York: How To Tip Betting In Your Favor

What if we told you that you could take a bite out of the house edge and increase your potential payout in your legal online sports betting in NY? Interested? Yeah, that's what we thought.

Best Online Sportbooks In New York For Odds Boosts

If you're in New York and new to the world of online sportsbooks, the vast array of providers and promotions might be intimidating. But because almost every operator in NY runs daily odds boost promos of some kind, it's worth getting to know the details

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Most of the  best NY betting apps typically run odds boost promotions, and sports bettors who know what they're doing can make the most out of the wagering opportunities the odds boosts provide. We'll break down how to find odds boosts, how you can use them to your advantage, and get as close as you can to the true odds to win the maximum payout possible.

What Are Odds Boosts in New York?

In the simplest terms, an odds boost is a bet where the house has increased the odds in favor of the bettors, giving the customer a better price. The sports betting operator decides what bet can be boosted and how much the boost will be, but it will always amount to the same risk with a better payout on a win.

A good example of recent odds boost promotion comes from one of the most popular New York sportsbooks. Suppose you wanted to wager $25 on their boosted NHL parlay bet – the Islanders and Rangers to both win, originally at +230 and boosted to +300. Before the boost, a win would payout $82.50 (the original stake plus $57.50 in winnings). But with the boosted odds you'd get $75 in winnings, for a total of $100.

How NY Odds Boosts Work in Sports Betting

An odds boost gives the potential for a condition where the vig - the money the sportsbooks takes to handle your bet – is effectively eliminated. You may even find odds boosts as meaty as double the standard odds, but a bump between 10% and 40% is considerably more common. That's why you want to be sure to read the fine print when you take advantage of these offers. The better the odds boost, the lower the house edge, but the more strings you can expect will be attached.

For example, you'll only get one side of a bet offered - you could get a boost on a prop bet where Pete Alonso has a multi-hit game. But you won't find a boost betting against that, at least not from that same sportsbook. You'll also find that there will be much lower maximum bet amounts on an odds boost. The operators don't want to give away the store, and if they're already giving up some or all of the vig, they want to ensure they don't lose their shirts if the boosted bets hit.

Types Of New York Betting Odds Boosts

In New York, sports betting odds boost offers are best for bettors and operators alike when they're on the biggest games of the day. You'll have no trouble finding odds boosts around the four major league sports, depending of course on who's in season.

  • NFL Odds Boosts There's no bigger market in the sportsbooks in the United States than NFL football, so it stands to reason that there are plenty of ways to get enhanced odds any day there's a pro football game. The books like the action, and whether it's straight bets, props or parlays you'll see lots of New York NFL Betting sites offers on your daily odds boost slates. You may see the moneyline on an underdog kicked up from +270 to +330, or a parlay that depends on two favorites and two underdogs winning bumped up from +1337 to +1600.
  • NBA Odds Boosts The NBA tends to attract a lot of attention when it comes to offers, and odds boost promotions are no exception. If you're the type who likes to bet the point spread, you could see a favorite as high as +110, rather than the standard -110. Look at that, you get a boosted price and the vig's gone. You'll see parlays with better odds among the wagering opportunities as well, and props are where the boosts get really interesting, since they'll often tie in performances from a couple players. In one example, an online sportsbook recently offered Kyrie Irving and Spencer Dinwiddie combining for 12+ assists, boosted from +160 to +180, a 12.5% bump. You could also get special odds around a prop like first basket or even a futures bet on who will win the NBA finals.
  • MLB Odds Boosts The National Pastime also provides plenty of chances to get longer odds through an odds boost. You may find odds boost promotions on the standard bet types, such as the moneyline, but you're more likely to see them around props. As an an example, If the original odds around Max Scherzer's strikeouts for his next start are set at 7.5, with a -122 on the over, a 20% boost would take you to effective odds of +118. If you were to wager $50 on that condition and win, the odds boost would take your total payout from $90.98 to $109. So the profit isn't the kind of thing that you can get rich off, but 18 bucks is 18 bucks.
  • NHL Odds Boosts Boosts around NHL action take an already exciting game and make it that much better. Again, most odds boosts are going to be built around props, but the enhanced odds around pre-built parlay wagers can be pretty tempting. Depending on where you look, you'll get the best odds on exact score props, moneyline parlays and props around who's scoring.

Other Types of Odds Boosts from NY Sportsbooks

The fact of the matter is that the majority of the enhanced odds you're going to find will be around the four aforementioned sports betting markets. It's a function of the oddsmakers trying to maximize volume in the most popular areas. That said, you'll find boost promos around other sports, usually the next tier down in popularity. Bettors can expect to pick up better odds in golf, soccer, tennis and combat sports like boxing and MMA.

Top Online Sportsbooks Offering Daily Boosted Odds

Almost all of the online sportsbooks in New York offer boosted odds in some fashion. The trick is finding the wager that's actually going to give you an advantage and return a real profit, and isn't just a smokescreen to get you to lay out for a lousy bet. Ideally you want the sportsbooks to offer a large array of boost promos built around a good bet for the price. Our of the best odds boosts rankings follow, and we'll keep them up to date, because lots of things will change as the online sportsbooks jockey for market share.

FanDuel New York Odds Boosts 

FanDuel New York also puts quality over quantity when it comes to boosts. On a recent day, they only offered five boosts on five wagers, a hockey parlay, and props around two basketball games, a PGA tournament and a Grand Slam Tennis round. FanDuel will also give bettors the initial lines prior to the promotion, so you don't have to dig through the app to determine if you're being offered a bum steer or a real chance at profit.

Caesars Sportsbook NY Odds Boosts

If you're the kind of bettor who likes to see a lot of options in your odds boosts, Caesars Sportsbook NY may become your go-to. Caesars consistently offers one of the largest array of boosted wagers, with dozens available day in and day out. The book itself would probably rank higher if the original lines were all posted beside the boosted odds - having to look up the original bet offered is an annoying extra step to work out whether there's a serious profit to be made. But we appreciate that they display a countdown indicating when the offer is coming off the board and the maximum amount you can bet on the boost (usually $100).

BetMGM NY Odds Boosts

The Lion's Boost offered by BetMGM is a single daily boost on the line for one wager. They keep it very no-frills - one modest boost, once a day on a straightforward bet, like the first score in a football game will be a Giants touchdown, boosted from +110 to +150. If your go-to sportsbook was BetMGM NY anyway, you may as well take a look at the Lion's Boost when you open the app, but they shouldn't expect offers like these to change the game for them.

Must be 21+ to participate & present in NY. Gambling problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369). Visit BetMGM.com for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.

WynnBET NY Odds Boosts

WynnBET New York is the only sportsbook listed here that didn't have any easy way to access every available boost promo. After digging a while we found a single promotion, a 10% boost on a pro football future bet. The interesting wrinkle was that rather than a clock counting down the end of the promotion, WynnBET limited this promotion to a set number of bets. More chances to wager, friendlier lines and a hub where we could find the available promos would result in WynnBET moving up our rankings.

Prop Bets and Boosts in New York

In our experience finding the best odds boosts in New York, plenty of action offered was on prop bets. In fact, the trouble only really came into play when we were looking for a better line on a straight bet - almost everything was a boost to a parlay or a prop. Some of the props we saw boosts on look like this:

  • A certain hockey player records 2 or more points in his next game. (+235, up from +200)
  • A selected quarterback completes the most passing yards in one playoff week. (+550, up from +500)
  • A UFC Fighter wins his fight by KO/TKO or DQ. (+450, originally +400)

Finding An Odds Boost That Has Value

How do you find the boost promos that are worth the wager? Some places make it easier than others, and the ones with the transparency are less likely to waste your time with a bad bet. When you pull up a page with the odds boosts, you may see what the lines were prior to the boost. That gives you a sense of the actual advantage: +250 boosted to +300? You know what you're getting.

If the boosts page doesn't show you the old lines, you may have to build the four leg parlay they offer on your own, see that it adds up to +1016 and gets boosted up to a disappointing +1100. Seems like a long walk for a small beer. If you're the type who has more than one sportsbook on your device, you can shop the lines that way too, and see if your operator dropped the lines to make themselves look better by boosting them back up. Comparison shopping across the entire market can keep you from putting a wager on a dead duck just because the price boost looked too good to pass up.

Odds Boosts and Other Sportsbook Promotions

Those are the basics when it comes to odds boosts, but those aren't the only promotions you'll find to get you using an online sportsbook. We can also help you find the best NY sportsbook promo codes in the game to help you get the most out of your gambling from the minute you sign up. If you don't know the difference between risk-free bets and deposit match promotions, you'll want to get the lowdown before you get started anywhere, because the intro promo can make the difference as to where you decide to place your bet.

Novice bettors especially will want to take read our How to bet in NY guides to learn the ropes - From the basics of placing a single bet on the moneyline to the pitfalls of building a parlay, so you can really understand the lines and maximize your profit when you win.

New York Odds Boosts FAQ


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