Will It Snow On Christmas In New York? Latest NYC Odds

Will It Snow On Christmas In New York? Latest NYC Odds
By Joss Wood
After a typically tough year for New Yorkers, the holiday season is finally here. Will we get a white Christmas? You cannot make it snow, but you can make it rain with a winning wager at one of the top NY sports betting apps. A headline welcome offer this week is a $2,500 No Sweat First Bet from FanDuel NY.
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Christmas Day Forecast In New York City

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association is forecasting effectively a 0% chance of snow for New York City on Christmas Day, but at least it will be cold enough if we can just get some precipitation. Sunny, with a high near 30. Christmas Eve looks similar, mostly sunny, with a high near 30 during the day, with a mostly clear night and a low around 19. "Mostly clear."

Christmas Week Forecast from Weather.com

* Tuesday 20th, 40°/27°, Sunny, 3% precipitation chance.
* Wednesday 21st, 42°/31°, Mostly Sunny, 5% precipitation chance.
* Thursday 22nd, 51°/49°, Afternon/evening rain, 88% precipitation chance.
* Friday 23rd, 58°/20°, Rain/Wind, 93% precipitation chance.
* Saturday 24th, 26°/18°, Partly Cloudy/Wind, 1% precipitation chance.
* Sunday 25th, 28°/21°, Sunny, 1% precipitation chance.
* Monday 26th, 32°/24°, Mostly Sunny, 2% precipitation chance.

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Odds Of A NY White Christmas 2022 – Using 2021 As A Guide

Syracuse-14058% Chance of ❄️
Buffalo-12055% Chance of ❄️
Albany+10048% Chance of ❄️
NYC+80011% Chance of ❄️

NOTE: Betting on the weather is not authorized in New York. These odds are for entertainment purposes only.

Holiday Season Outlook & White Christmas Odds

The last time we had a white Christmas in New York City was in 2009. Another 13 years of climate change have passed since then. Nevertheless, the chance of snow during the Christmas season has not gone away.

Christmas Eve Forecast In New York – Historical Data

Christmas Eve's forecast in New York rates slightly higher on the list of probabilities than Christmas Day. Cloudy and a little bit colder with temperatures in the low 40s during the day and low-to-mid 30s at night, but clear skies. At least if you've delayed your Christmas shopping, you should stay dry as you race from shop to shop.

Christmas Day Forecast In New York – Historical Data

At least there are clouds, but the temperatures did not get any better as we rolled forward to Christmas Day. Overcast with some rain, and high temperatures in the high 40s with lows in the high 30s.

New Year's Eve Forecast In New York – Historical Data

The big ball will drop in Times Square, but the temperatures will not. In fact, they will be going up, as the highs should be in the low 50s and the low temperatures will be in the high 40s. And it typically is a nice, overcast night with that blanket of clouds keeping the temperatures up. Guess we should not expect too much, as December is only the third-snowiest month in New York, trailing February and January.

What Is Defined As A White Christmas?

The National Weather Service defines a white Christmas as one where an inch or more of snow falls. For betting, bookmakers pin this down precisely. Whether you win a bet or not is based on the reported snowfall at a specific weather recording station. Sadly there are no legal bookmakers setting the odds where New Yorkers can place a bet. But among friends a little wager is OK. Odds of +700 are neutral between friends.

Has It Historically Snowed During Christmas In New York City?

It might not be common but New York City has seen its fair share of White Christmases. There have been 18 times since 1912 when at least an inch of snow has fallen in Central Park.

Times With At Least An Inch Of Snowfall

1912Inches of Snow: 81959Inches of Snow: 4
1914Inches of Snow: 41960Inches of Snow: 1
1917Inches of Snow: 41961Inches of Snow: 6
1919Inches of Snow: 21963Inches of Snow: 6
1929Inches of Snow: 11966Inches of Snow: 7
1930Inches of Snow: 21983Inches of Snow: 1
1945Inches of Snow: 21995Inches of Snow: 6
1947Inches of Snow: 22002Inches of Snow: 4
1948Inches of Snow: 52009Inches of Snow: 2

Run your eyes over that list and it looks like chaos theory in action. The 1970s saw not a single New York white Christmas. There were none during the second world war and none in the 2010s. President Obama saw one in 2009, President Trump saw none during his time. The 1960s was the best decade within living memory with four snow-covered Christmases to celebrate.

Average NYC Winter Snowfall In December

Looking back to 1981 the average snowfall during December in NYC has been 4.8 inches. The average December sees snow over 0.1 inch fall on only 2.3 days in the month. As always, bare statistics say everything and nothing. Break out the individual years to see the variation and you will see that about one year in four New York City gets over 7 inches of snow. And another one year in four is virtually snow-free with less than half an inch for the whole month.

If you are visiting NYC for the holidays this year it looks like being one of the low snow years. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge, book into one of the New York City hotels in Manhattan and you should be able to stroll to Central Park or One Times Square Building to see the ball drop and your feet will remain dry.

New York has legalized sports betting in the state and NY online betting sites are up and running. NY sports fans who like to put their money down are able to do so, but don't think it will be legal to bet on New York snowfall.

The new gambling laws and regulations restrict bets to sporting contests. Betting on a Bing Crosby style White Christmas or New Year's Eve will have to remain just between friends. But there is plenty of football drama left. The nine New York operators will be offering the best NY sportsbook promos to new customers.


Famous Places To Visit In NYC In The Snow

Of course if it does snow there are few cities that are as impressive as New York when its daily grime has been covered in white and the splendor of its architecture stands out. Some places not to miss on any visit include:

Central Park In the Snow

The wonderful 1992 Christmas film Home Alone 2 saw Macaulay Culkin enjoy the snow in Central Park. The scene of course was understandably faked. Nevertheless, the images captured the spirit of Christmas perfectly. Central Park is arguably the most filmed location in the world and it attracts over 40 million visitors a year.

The park covers 843 acres of some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Attractions include the Ramble and Lake, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, and the Hallett Nature Sanctuary. The Central Park Zoo is well worth a visit but if 2022 does see snow quite a few of the animals will be less likely to be out and about. Seasonal fun is better served by the Wollman Rink, which featured in Love Story.

Times Square In The Snow

New Year's Eve in Times Square is a bucket list ticket item for many. The famous ball drop that signals the New Year begins at 11:59 p.m. The ball gracefully slides down a flagpole at the top of number One Times Square finally stopping at exactly midnight.

The tradition began in 1907 and has continued ever since, missing only 1942 and 1943 because of World War II.

Curiously, Times Square is not actually a square. It's loosely a pair of triangles so more like a bow-tie shape. As many as half a million people flock to the square to see in the New Year so get in place early if you want to get a good view-or tuck in at home and watch a live stream.

Rockefeller Center In The Snow

The giant Christmas Tree and phenomenal Christmas lights usually come on at the beginning of December at the 22-acre Rockefeller Center. On Christmas Day the tree is lit for the full 24 hours; otherwise it's lights out at midnight.

The Center is the location where Culkin finally reunited with his mother in Home Alone 2. She figured that her boy would head for the biggest most beautiful Christmas tree in New York and she was right. It's a sight not to be missed and on a snowy day it transforms a commercial center into a fairyland.

Brooklyn Bridge In the Snow

At nearly 1,600 feet in length, the Brooklyn Bridge is an impressive piece of engineering. It connects Brooklyn with Manhattan and was the world's largest suspension bridge when it opened in 1883.

You can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and marvel at the view of Manhattan on one side, with its famous landmark buildings, and Brooklyn on the other, with its historic buildings.

The bridge is one of New York's most famous symbols and covered in snow it is also one of its most beautiful places. Ignore the cold and walk across the bridge and Christmas in New York becomes a magical experience.



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