2024 Presidential Election Odds: Who Will Run For President In 2024?

By Joe Short
Fact Checked by Lawrence Hollyfield

Although New York sports betting laws do not allow betting on 2024 presidential elections, as soon as Joe Biden had been declared the winner over 45th President Donald Trump, sports betting sites across Europe – where political betting is legal – began pricing up who would win the 2024 election.

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2024 Presidential Election Odds Update March 23: Four More Years For Biden

To give context to the next election odds, we've provided the implied probability along with each candidate's odds to become the next President of the United States. 

March 23 update: We have a new Republican front-runner. President Joe Biden (30.8% chance of being elected, 9-to-4 odds) remained in front, but Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (25.0%, 3 to 1) moved into second, trading places with former President Donald Trump (22.2%, 7 to 2) in the 2024 US Presidential election race. Vice President Kamala Harris (4.8%, 20 to 1) remained fourth, while former South Carolina Governor/UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (3.8%, 25 to 1) remained fifth. 

Ron DeSantis

Candidates In Sports

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Top 5 Candidates, 2024 US Presidential Election

1️⃣  Joe Biden+22530.8% 
2️⃣  Ron DeSantis+30025.0% ↑
3️⃣  Donald Trump+35022.2% ↓
4️⃣  Kamala Harris+20004.8%
5️⃣  Nikki Haley+25003.8% 

↑ Odds improved; ↓ Odds declined

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The Rest Of The Field

⭐️ Gavin Newsom+28003.4%
⭐️ Pete Buttigieg+33002.9%
⭐️ Gretchen Whitmer+40002.4%
⭐️ Michelle Obama+40002.4%
⭐️ Mike Pence+50002.0% 
⭐️ Mike Pompeo+66001.5%
⭐️ Hillary Clinton+66001.5%
⭐️ Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson+66001.5%
⭐️ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+100001.0%
⭐️ Candace Owens+100001.0%
⭐️ Tucker Carlson+100001.0%
⭐️ Andrew Yang+100001.0%
⭐️ Bernie Sanders+100001.0%
⭐️ Kanye West+100001.0%
⭐️ Bill Gates+200000.5%
⭐️ Elon Musk+200000.5%
⭐️ Joe Rogan+200000.5%

↑ Odds improved; ↓ Odds declined

According to the 2024 election odds listed at Ladbrokes, President Joe Biden (30.8%), Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (25.0%) and former President Donald Trump (22.2%), remained most likely to be the next US President, with DeSantis this week leapfrogging Trump into second place.

Vice President Kamala Harris (4.8%) held her ground, ahead of former UN Ambassador/South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (3.8%). California Gov. Gavin Newsom (3.4%) and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (2.4%) also held steady. 

For now, you won't find any of these political odds on New York betting apps due to betting on politics being prohibited in the Empire State, but our reporters will follow the European sites covering the election to ensure we stay up-to-date on the latest odds.

Elon Musk

Will Elon Musk Be President In 2024?

Elon Musk is listed at Ladbrokes at 200-to-1 odds (0.5% chance) to become the next president of the United States, but this is one of the few times you can guarantee that a longshot will not pay off. 

The billionaire SpaceX-Tesla-Twitter force was born in South Africa and is not eligible to run.

Latest 2024 President Odds Movement

Biden, DeSantis and Trump are 1-2-3. Can anyone shake their grip?

Also in the cast: former Vice President Kamala Harris (4.8%), South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (3.8%) and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (3.4%). Right now, it looks like the Democrats will win the 2024 election, though an undivided Republican ticket would be an issue. The next question, then, is who will be on the winning ticket?

Who Will Run For President In 2024?

We’re still more than two years out from the 2024 US election – but campaigning will get underway soon. On the Democratic side, incumbent Joe Biden is expected to seek a second term, while VP Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer all could compete to be the Dems' pick.

Meanwhile, the Republican party looks set to choose either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, though Nikki Haley is in the mix and also has positioned herself as a candidate to be vice president. Will Trump run? If the Republicans reject him, will he run as an independent, almost guaranteeing a Biden return? 

Which Republicans Are Running For President In 2024?

Trump-DeSantis could be one heck of a showdown (it also could be one heck of a ticket if they don't beat each other up). Trump doesn’t take prisoners when debating, but DeSantis is a popular and important ally. The pair could take each other down if they engage in public warfare before the general election. Nikki Haley is +2500 to be the next US president. Former tech and finance executive Vivek Ramaswamy, who is running, does not have posted odds. For now, this is remains two-horse race.

Ron DeSantis' 2024 President Odds = 25.0% Chance

Ron DeSantis’ 2024 odds ticked upward to +300. DeSantis has been embraced for not following the herd. He is also considered a Trumpian figure for the next generation, which means he is a viable two-term candidate. And DeSantis could also attract the centrist voters in the rust belt that Trump lost in 2020. The problem for DeSantis, though, is that he must get past Trump during the Republican primaries. 

Donald Trump's 2024 Odds = 22.2% Chance

Donald Trump’s 2024 odds are +350. These odds suggest a 22.2% chance that he will win the next US election. No matter the news cycle, it appears that Trump and DeSantis will be jostling for the top of the GOP board? Any Republican break from Trump could cost the party his supportive base of loyal followers. 

Nikki Haley's 2024 President Odds = 3.8% Chance

Nikki Haley’s 2024 odds are +2500, a steep fall from her peak of +1600. America’s former UN ambassador has been hinting at a presidential run in 2024, saying “sometimes it takes a woman” in response to questions of how the GOP can reclaim the White House.

Mike Pence's 2024 President Odds = 2.0% Chance

Mike Pence's 2024 odds are +5000. The former vice president was expected to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024 after the two former running-mates had a falling out thanks in part to the controversies surrounding the Capitol Riots, where Pence said his life was put into danger. Most experts don't see Pence pulling from Trump's base, but do expect the longtime politician to receive support from traditional conservatives looking to move on from Trump.

Candace Owens' 2024 President Odds = 1.0% Chance

Candace Owens’ 2024 odds are +10000. Owens has previously speculated about the possibility of her running for president, but the conservative influencer – who will meet the legal requirement by turning 35 in 2024 – is probably too young. Still, the fact she was even talked about as a possible successor to Trump in the Republican Party shows she soon could enter politics.

Which Democrats Are Running For President In 2024?

There are a handful of top Democrats who likely will run for president in 2024. President Joe Biden isn’t guaranteed to run despite tradition dictating incumbents usually seek a second term. Vice President Kamala Harris could compete for the Dems’ nomination, while Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsom and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be thrown into the mix. Here are the latest odds for some of the most likely Democratic candidates for 2024.

Joe Biden's 2024 Re-Election Odds = 30.8% Chance

Joe Biden's 2024 re-election odds are +225. These are steady and strong odds for an incumbent who is expected to run again. Balanced midterm elections indicate that Biden, who will be very nearly 82 years old when voters head to the polls in November 2024, is the frontrunner. And his chance of winning has nearly doubled since midterms.

Kamala Harris' 2024 President Odds = 4.8% Chance

Kamala Harris' 2024 odds have stabilized at +2000, and she moved back into fourth place. The former Senator has stayed out of the news. Harris could be on the ticket with Biden again as VP.

Gavin Newsom's 2024 President Odds = 3.4% Chance

Gavin Newsom’s 2024 odds stayed steady at +2800. The Californian is wrapping up his first term as governor and is a popular figure. He beat Brian Dahle handily in the 2022 California gubernatorial election to shore up his support, and may then look toward the presidency.

Michelle Obama's 2024 President Odds = 2.4% Chance

Michelle Obama’s 2024 odds are +4000. The former First Lady never ruled out running for president herself, and certainly would gain plenty of Democratic supporters. But can Obama capture the center ground as her husband did before her? Perhaps. But pitching Obama against Trump could be a risky strategy for the Dems. Trump’s followers hate the Obamas. The 2024 campaign could become very messy – and the fall-out even more severe.

Hillary Clinton's 2024 President Odds = 1.5% Chance

Hillary Clinton’s 2024 odds are +6600. She was once -186 to be president, when campaigning against outsider Trump in 2016. How times change. The 75-year-old has never said she would not run for president again, but it does seem as though her chance has gone.

Ocasio-Cortez's 2024 President Odds = 1.0% Chance

AOC’s 2024 odds are +10000. The New Yorker is a high-profile Democrat and considered a big threat to the Republican party. She is popular, concise and electable. But at 33 she’s too young to target the presidency right now – the minimum age to serve is 35, so she will be ineligible. Indeed, betting sites have dropped their odds on Ocasio-Cortez to +10000. She probably will support Biden or Harris in the primaries.

Bernie Sanders' 2024 President Odds = 1% Chance

Bernie Sanders’ 2024 odds are +10000. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to Sanders’ socialist dream. The 81-year-old always has been pitched as an outsider, and was a 2016 election hopeful largely thanks to Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to the Labour Party leadership in the UK around the same time. That fueled talk of a socialist revolution in the West, which was kiboshed when Trump won in 2016. Years later, Sanders is in a worse place to win an election than he ever has been.

Will Anyone Not Already In Politics Run For President In 2024?

When Trump first flirted with the idea of being president in 2013, plenty of people laughed it off as a publicity stunt. But naysayers of the celebrity businessman didn’t realize the extent of his emerging popularity. It’s no surprise, then, that betting sites are taking odds on other celebrity presidents. Here are the some names that just won’t go away.

The Rock's 2024 President Odds (Dwayne Johnson) = 1.5% Chance

The Rock’s 2024 odds are +6600. That means Dwayne Johnson, better known as "The Rock," has a greater chance of being the next US president than Candace Owens and Bernie Sanders. The Rock certainly would prove a popular candidate, but is he really on the verge of running for president? Trump’s former chief of staff thinks Johnson “could give Trump a run for his money," while there are rumors he could run in the Democratic primaries. Still, at his price the bookies aren’t expecting The People’s Champion to seriously challenge in 2024.

Tucker Carlson's 2024 President Odds = 1.0% Chance

Tucker Carlson, a well-known political commenter and conservative influencer, has been discussed as a potential candidate to make the switch from entertainment to politics but there has been nothing official out of his camp to suggest he would run in 2024. Carlson is popular among Republican voters, though, so should he consider a run at any political office, expect him to garner plenty of attention.

Kanye West's 2024 President Odds = 1% Chance

Kanye West’s 2024 odds are +10000. He ran unsuccessfully in 2020 as an independent, collecting 60,000 votes from a possible 160 million. Still, that’s more than most people would get. He swiftly tweeted “Kanye 2024” when the 2020 election results were coming in – and he may well improve his vote share. Whether he runs under the Birthday Party again remains to be seen. He has attracted a lot of bad attention lately, which has not moved these odds.

Joe Rogan's 2024 President Odds = 0.5% Chance

Joe Rogan’s 2024 odds are +20000. The presenter and podcaster was also tipped to run in 2020 due to the success of the Joe Rogan Show. But his position within the GOP is more as commentator and cheerleader, rather than all-in politician. Rogan recently appeared to back DeSantis for president in 2024, saying “what he's done for Florida is admirable." He also branded Biden a “dead man” – the sort of comments that don’t win many favors with voters.

Bill Gates' 2024 President Odds = 0.5% Chance

Bill Gates’ 2024 odds are +20000. The Microsoft billionaire has spent much of the past decade focusing on his philanthropic activities, and there’s always been talk that he could one day run for president. But it appears 2024 will be unlikely. Six years ago, Gates said he wasn’t interested in the presidency because he is “super committed to the work Melinda and I are doing at the Foundation and outside the Foundation." He and Melinda are now divorced, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to enter politics.

Elon Musk 2024 President Odds = 0.5% Chance

Some bookmakers in Europe price Elon Musk at +20000 to win the 2024 election. But what they don’t realize is Musk was born in South Africa, and only US-born citizens can run for president. He's ineligible.

Presidential Betting Odds Explained

Understanding presidential betting odds is hugely important before placing a wager. The odds effectively show you how many dollars you would make as profit if you were to place a $100 bet.

So, odds of +200 means you'd earn $200 profit + your $100 stake = $300. Remember, you always can use a bet calculator – or check your risk and reward in your bet slip – before completing a wager. Why political odds are different to most sports odds is because there are more than two candidates in the market. This means that the odds can fluctuate wildly.

Think of it like betting on a horse race months before the event begins. You're not sure who will be racing, let alone winning, and so the odds on Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and everyone else are much higher before the primaries.

Once it's a one-on-one race, you can be sure the 2024 presidential election odds for the final two candidates will shrink. And the shorter your odds, the smaller your potential profits.

2024 President Predictions

The race for the White House in 2024 is going to be close. On one side we have Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. The former president holds great power over the Republican party, the right-wing media and his supporters. DeSantis is +300 to win the election, ahead of Trump (+350).

Where Trump is a polarizer, DeSantis could draw the GOP closer to the center ground and collect votes in the rust belt and among Hispanic voters. Meanwhile, the Democrats have a decision to make. Do they stick with Biden (+225) and go all-in on a second term? It seems odd to get rid of him as his odds are climbing steadily. Could a new figure lead the party and take on the GOP in a fresh campaign?

There is a lot of soul searching going on in Democratic camps. Harris, Newsom, Buttigieg, Whitmer, Obama, Clinton. It’s a strange make-up of old names and new figures who have yet to forge their political reputations. 

Joe Biden Wins in 2024

Biden is the bookies’ current favorite. He is surging and leads both Trump and DeSantis in the polls right now. He has momentum and plenty of financial muscle to embark on another successful presidential campaign. Big questions are out there. Can Biden stay healthy? Will DeSantis run? Can he survive a primary against Trump? Can anyone? Will the Republican Party split in two?

2024 Presidential Election Betting FAQ


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