Breaking Down The Famous Masters Food and Drink Options

By Dan Alexander

Since 1934, The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club has provided golf fans with some of the sport's greatest moments. The Masters is all about the green jacket, the iconic Amen corner, and some tasty and affordable food options for hungry patrons to eat while taking in the tournament coverage. From the mainstays like the pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches, to the newcomers like chicken salad on brioche sandwiches, food has always been a vital piece of the historic tournament with something for everyone to taste.

Top Augusta National Foods

The founders of the Masters Tournament and Augusta National Golf Club course, Bobby Jones and original club chairman Clifford Roberts, were no strangers to a delicious meal on the golf course. This was especially true for Roberts, who grew up on a farm in Iowa.

In remembrance of the founders and in honoring the traditions of the tournament, many of The Masters food options are still offered at 1980's era pricing, offering hungry patrons prices that can't be beat as they watch one of the biggest standalone events on the PGA tour. It's not just patrons digging in though, past champions enjoy the fare as well. In fact, when asked about his favorite Masters traditions, Dustin Johnson simply said, "the sandwiches."

Egg Salad Sandwich - $1.50

Sometimes, the simplest food item can be one of the most loved and that's definitely the case when it comes to the egg salad sandwich. It's an absolute Masters food classic and no frills needed - for a buck and some change you get 2 slices of bread housing some fresh egg salad. Glamorous? Maybe not. Delicious? Absolutely.

Pimento Cheese Sandwich - $1.50

Another affordable option at the Masters that's also one of the more popular among the food choices is the Pimento cheese sandwich. Pimento cheese is a staple in Southern US cuisine, combining cheese, mayonnaise and pimentos. It's savory with a kick of spice that pairs great with barbecue and a cold beer or, as the popularity of the pimento cheese sandwiches indicates, can be the star of snack all by itself.

Classic Chicken Sandwich - $2.50

If you're hoping for a bit more protein than the pimento cheese sandwich or the egg salad sandwich can provide, you better be ready to fork over that extra dollar. The classic chicken sandwich offers a bit more hearty food option for those getting the second round stomach rumbles while still not breaking the bank.

Ham & Cheese - $2.50

It couldn't be snack time with out a classic like ham and cheese on rye. No barbecue or grill is needed to whip up a quick and tasty ham sammie to enjoy while strolling the site. It's a nostalgic taste that can bring you back to grade school lunches like no other. It's ham, it's cheese but for some reason it just tastes better on the grounds of Augusta while watching a new champion beat the field.

Turkey & Cheese - $2.50

Another grade school classic on the menu that just gets taken to a new level while on the beautiful grounds of Augusta national golf club is the turkey and cheese on wheat. While it might not be exactly how Mom used to make it, it's definitely a tasty snack in the April sun. Pair it with some chips for a grab-and-go lunch that'll only run you $4!

Masters Club - $2.50

Nothing makes you feel like you're really part of the club than...well, eating a club - specifically the Masters club. You don't have to be club chairman to enjoy the Masters club and as an added bonus, you may even feel a bit less guilty about having your third sandwich of the day because at least this food item has some lettuce and tomato in there.

Veggie Wrap - $2.50

Don't worry vegetarian club goers - the folks at Augusta National golf club have just the thing for you to eat on the menu, too. As they aim to provide affordable services to every member of the group, they cater to vegetarian patrons as well. It can also be a lighter option once Friday rolls around and you've grown tired of the taste of pimento cheese or egg salad.

Grilled Chicken Wrap and Sandwich - $3.00

An unfortunate casualty on the menu is the beloved grilled chicken wrap, while you can still get your grilled chicken fix via the sandwich option, the wrap has since made way for the chicken salad on Brioche. You better be ready to break the bank because the Chicken sandwich is tied for the most "expensive" of the sandwiches on the menu at $3 a pop. But when you get to bite into a brioche roll after only white, wheat and rye bread all week long - it might just be worth the extra $0.50.

Bar-B-Que Sandwich $3.00

It's tied as the most expensive of the sandwiches for a reason, when you have a cold beer in hand and the pimento cheese sandwiches just aren't cutting it anymore, it's time for fork over the extra $0.50 and spring for the Bar-B-Que sandwich. Nothing says April golf quite like the sweet and tangy taste of some barbecue with some potato chips. In recent years, this food item has become a favorite among Augusta patrons, and after one taste, it's easy to see why. Golf, barbecue and beer - just as American as apple pie or heading to a baseball game and enjoying a hot dog.

Masters Snacks and Dessert

The sandwiches are what stands out the most on the menu but you surely can't get by all tournament on sandwiches alone, right? When you need some more added taste, that's where the sides and dessert options come in. From a bag of chips for just a buck to one of the best ice cream sandwiches you'll ever have, the folks at Augusta National golf club have you covered all Masters tournament weekend.

Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches - $1.00

This is an absolute MUST as far as Masters food goes. As the Masters is always held in April, the sunshine dictates there has to be some ice cream on the menu at Augusta national golf club for tournament weekend. The Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich combines so many tasty elements into one delectable treat. Creamy and sweet from the Georgia peach ice cream meets the soft and sweet cookies housing the fresh ice cream. This is one you should have round one, then another during the second round, and really another every time you are on site at Augusta for the Masters tournament play. It is that good.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - $1.50

After all that salt from your chips and sandwiches, you'll need some sweetness to even out the palate and that's were the affordable chocolate chip cookies come in. Of all the Masters food, is there anything more simple than a fresh cookie? The perfect dessert that is as nostalgic as it is tasty, you can't go wrong here. You also have Oatmeal and White Chocolate Pecan cookies on the menu as sweet options as well at Augusta National golf club.

Chips - $1.50

You're gonna need a little salty crunch when you're diving in on egg salad sandwiches and pimento cheese sandwiches all Masters tournament weekend and if you have an extra dollar and some change in your pocket, that's all you'll need to add some chips to your meal. While it's not quite as glamorous as the champions dinner food menu, a bag of chips and a sandwich taste like a meal fit for a king when you're chowing down at Augusta National.

Masters Breakfast Items

With many of the golfers teeing off early, visitors of Augusta National Golf Club often find themselves needing some early morning fuel. Here are some of the top options, from common drinks to breakfast items.


Masters Blend Fresh Brewed Coffee - $1.50

For those early risers who want to get a jump on other tournament goers, you need to start your day off with some energy and that's where the Masters been fresh brewed coffee comes in. You'll need some pep in your step to make the most of taking in all the sights and sounds of the tournament, starting your day off with some fresh coffee is a must for many patrons.

Sausage Biscuit - $1.50

What's a better way to start a day of drinking beer, watching golf and eating food than starting with a sausage biscuit right out of the gate? Freshly baked, flaky southern style biscuits are the perfect house of the slightly spicy and hearty sausage that makes up the Masters sausage biscuit, another club favorite on the menu at Augusta.

Chicken Biscuit - $1.50

Many Augusta patrons will tell you the ONLY way to start the day is with the chicken biscuit. As tasty as it is southern, this is one of the must try food choices on the menu that even writers at the Augusta Chronicle have said it's a must-have come Masters tournament weekend.

Blueberry Muffin - $1.00

It's not all pimento cheese sandwiches and biscuits among the food choices on the menu at Augusta, a classic pairing is a simple blueberry muffin with your morning coffee to start the day off while still filling your belly with something tasty at the Masters. While some may argue a muffin does not a main course make, there are plenty of patrons that would argue that the classic pastry for breakfast is the perfect start to the day!

Fresh Mixed Fruit - $2.00

Sometimes you just need to lighten it up and feel a little healthier after all the sandwiches and beer you've been downing at Augusta. Fresh mixed fruit in April is a true sign that spring has sprung and is a nice breath of fresh air to counter some of the denser snacks you've been taking down while on site for the Masters tournament.

Masters Drink Options

Just like you can't have lunch or dinner without dessert, you can not have any meal without something good to wash it down. Whether you want something the whole family can enjoy to go with your egg salad sandwich at Augusta National golf club or you need a beer to calm yourself down after a crazy hole at the Masters tournament the staff has you covered with iced tea, water, soft drinks, domestic or import beer or the newly added Crow's nest. We already know you will not go hungry with all the food items on the menu, but you will not go thirsty with all the drink items on the menu at Augusta for the Masters either.


Fresh Brewed Iced Tea - $2.00

It is another Southern staple on the menu at Augusta National Golf Club just the same as barbecue and Georgia peach ice cream. Some fresh brewed iced tea pairs perfect with just a bag of chips for a snack or to compliment your egg salad sandwich as you take in the Masters tournament coverage. It's a favorite among all ages, perfect for anyone in the group and a true taste of the South.

Domestic Beer - $5.00

A cold beer in hand for adult tournament goers is maybe the perfect compliment to the April sun at Augusta National for Masters weekend. You have your typical domestic offerings like Bud Light, Miller Light etc. however, as you probably noticed, you're paying more for beer than you are for food on the menu at Augusta National. So if you plan on drinking some adult beverages, you better have some extra fives on hand. There's no better pairing then some Masters action at the Amen Corner (Augusta National's 11th, 12th and 13th holes) than a beer, so bring the extra cash.

American Craft Beer - $5.00

Since craft and import beer costs the same as the domestics, you may want to go the craft route just from a sheer value standpoint. Also, recently added to the menu is the crow's nest, introduced in 2021, it is a wheat ale beer served in a souvenir cup covered the iconic Masters green with a white outline of the cupola at the top of the Clubhouse at Augusta National. So not only to you get a brew if you order the Crow's nest, you get a pretty cool keepsake as well to remember your experience at the Masters.

Masters Tournament Food Pricing and History

Beginning in 1934, the Masters Tournament at Augusta National golf club has been one of the highest watched and best attended events in the golf calendar. Spanning four days and featuring 72 holes of play, the Masters tournament and the site itself has amassed a respectful following of admirers.

There is such a demand for Masters tournament coverage that Golf Digest unveiled a shot-by-shot recap of every single golfer in the field so viewers don't have to miss even a second of Masters action from Augusta National. past champions, including Dustin Johnson, often speak fondly of their time at Augusta and their memories of the Masters. Even those who have not yet donned an iconic green jacket look forward to hopefully making the cut for the elite event and playing well into the second round. The one thing that has always stayed the same is affordable food items to make all attendees feel welcomed and invited.

Why Is Masters Food So Cheap?

It's always been important to Augusta National to make those attending the Masters tournament feel welcome and invited while on site at their iconic course. In fact, the current club chairman, Fred Riley has stressed the importance of making all attendees feel welcome and made a point to mention he understands the cost of attending the event and wouldn't want to price gouge patrons for food and drink while they're taking in the tournament coverage. That's why while items may come and go from the menu at Augusta National golf club for Masters weekend - the prices still remain 1980's era pricing.

The Reason For Green Food Wrapping At Augusta National Golf Club

If you have not picked up on it yet - green is important to the aesthetic of Augusta National and Masters Weekend. The green jacket won by the champion being the most notable and the most coveted prize in golf but everything is around the Masters is that same "Masters Green" hue, a rye green technically known as "Pantone 324." So it is only natural that all of the aesthetics around the Masters tournament feature that same brilliant Masters green.

Masters Champions Dinner

It's not only the food items available to purchase that encompasses what food means to Masters Weekend at Augusta National, it's also the iconic Masters Champions dinner. A tradition started in 1952 by Ben Hogan, the defending champion hosts the Champions dinner in the Augusta National Clubhouse on Tuesday night of tournament week and gets to choose the entire menu. This year, it will be Hideki Matsuyama, who is hoping he'll be 100% healthy for Masters weekend - who will be tasked with putting together the Champions Dinner menu.

Last year, it was Dustin Johnson, who opted to have a starting dish of a garden salad or Caesar salad, followed by a prime filet mignon with mashed potatoes and spring vegetables for the main course (miso marinated sea bass was also available upon request). For dessert, Johnson opted to pay homage to southern cuisine with peach cobbler and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. We still don't know what Matsuyama has on deck for the Champions dinner, but foodies everywhere are anxiously awaiting the announcement.

2022 Masters Preview

The 2022 Masters is set to begin on Thursday April 7th at Augusta National golf club with a number of players hoping they can nab their first-ever green jacket. Despite being a four-time major champion, Brooks Koepka still hasn't gotten his chance at picking the menu for the Champions Dinner. He has finished 7th or better in his last two outing at Augusta National but according to the latest odds from Caesars Sportsbook, Jon Rahm is the favorite at 8-1 while Koepka opened as an 18-1 long shot to grab the green jacket.


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