How New York Ranks Among Best States To Date

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Young or old, relationships of any type can be tough to start, yet alone find a connection with that special someone. There is much excitement in the chase, but what state gives you the best shot and chance to find love and romance for your happily ever after? Yes, as you can probably tell, is taking just a brief break from NY sports betting to bring you a unique research item.

Using data from Google Trends, Statista, and Forbes Business, created a weighted ranking by which to rate the states for dating. We used Statista to find the percentage of single-person households in each state, Google Trends for the average search volumes of inquires “date ideas,” “first date activities near me,” and “florists near me” by state, and Forbes Business for data on the average annual income for a single person in each state and created the Dating Index. Here is what we found out.

Best and Worst States For Dating

Rank State Dating Index (51 max)
1 DC 48.33
2 ND 40.67
3 RI 37.70
4 WY 37.67
5 AL 36.33
6 OH 34.67
7 NY 33.33
8 NE 32.67
9 IL 32.33
10 MN 32.25
11 PA 32
12 VT 31.70
13 MI 31.67
14 ME 31.33
15 MA 29.33
16 NH 29.25
17 DE 29.15
18 MO 29.67
19 WV 28.33
20 AL 28.50
21 SD 28.33
22 HI 27.67
23 MD 27.33
24 OK 26.33
25 WI 26
26 CT 25.67
27 AZ 25
28 VA 24.70
29 MT 24.67
30 NC 24.33
T31 NM 24
T31 LA 24
33 WA 23.75
34 CO 23.67
35 KS 23.33
36 TN 22.67
37 UT 22
38 NJ 21.67
39 AR 21
40 GA 20.67
41 IA 19
42 ID 18.67
43 CA 18.50
44 OR 18.33
45 TX 18
46 FL 17.33
47 MS 17
48 IN 14.67
49 SC 12.67
50 KY 12.33
51 NV 11.67

Terms apply for all bonuses. Must be 21+ to participate.  
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

The Big Apple Near Top Of Ranking

The Empire State ranks within the top 10 at No. 7 with a dating index of 33.33. New York has everything you can possibly want for date scenarios - dinner, movies, places of interest, a zillion bars, dance clubs, etc. If you can't find she or he here, you can't find them anywhere (paraphrasing the great Frank Sinatra). Maybe even find a significant other with a passion for NY betting apps

Or perhaps you just want someone to follow along the Bills' Playoff Chances with this NFL season.

How did other states that surround New York fare? 

Neighbor Pennsylvania came in at No. 11 with a 32. Maybe Vermont is for Lovers as it sneaks into the top 12 at No. 12 with a 31.70 rating. Massachusetts cracked the top 15 at No. 15 with a 29.33. Connecticut is just outside the top 25 at No. 26 with a 25.67 rating. Meanwhile, the bloom is off the Garden State as New Jersey came in at No. 36 with a lowly 21.67. 

Politics aside, the top state for dating isn't even a state. The District of Columbia, otherwise known as Washington, D.C. finished No. 1 with a spectacular rating of 48.33, more than 7 1/2 points better than No. 2 North Dakota (40.67). 

Terms apply for all bonuses. Must be 21+ to participate.  
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.


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