How Well Represented Is New York Among Emmy Nominees?

With the Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild both on strike and their corporate overlords showing no interest in settling, this year’s Emmy Awards may be given out silently at the bottom of a well. No writers to pen the pithy patter, no actresses or actors to walk the red carpet, no producers or directors in attendance because they won’t cross the picket line – as their jobs are on the line also. Thankfully, we’re not ready yet for “And the winner is . . . ChatGPT.”

But that hasn’t stopped the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences from announcing this year’s nominees and crossing their fingers that maybe this can all get settled by Sept. 18, when the show is expected to air. While you won't find odds yet across NY sports betting

The big winners in terms of recognition were “Succession” (27 nominations). “The Last of Us” (24) and “The White Lotus” (23). All three are on HBO. Three “Star Wars” series on Disney+ added 22 nominations.

If you want the full list, read Entertainment Weekly or Variety. Here at, we’re interested in where the acting nominees came from and unsurprisingly our tally had California leading the way with 16, followed by New York with 9. utilized to gather every American actor or actors that was nominated for a 2023 Emmy. For this research, only Emmy categories that have actors or actresses for the nominations were included. We used the birthplace (or hometown if moved recently after birth) and developed the states who produced the most 2023 Emmy nominees.

States With Most Emmy Nominees

RankLocationNumber of Nominees% of US Nominees
2New York913.6%
T3 Illinois69.1%
T5 Pennsylvania34.5%
T5 Michigan34.5%
T5 Maryland34.5%
T5New Jersey34.5%

New Yorkers who may walk home with statues should the big night ever take place include:

Jeremy Allen White (“The Bear”): He stars as Carmen, a classically-trained chef who returns to Chicago to take over his deceased brother’s sandwich shop and through family squabbles, anger issues, lots of cursing, offbeat casting and a little food porn, tries to turn it into a classy white tablecloth kind of place.

Kieran Culkin (“Succession”): As brash, politically incorrect Roman, Culkin adds a different type of dysfunctional spin on the sibling rivalry and simmering hatred of Logan Roy’s offspring, as they try to save their company from a takeover. Culkin was also nominated in 2020 and 2022.

Natasha Lyonne (“Poker Face”): It always surprises me when NBC puts a clever show for adults on money-losing Peacock when the big network has so many hours to fill and Dick Wolf only has so many hours in his day. The good news is, “Poker Face” may get some play on NBC in September when network brass realize they can’t run “American Ninja Warrior” every night. Lyonne plays Charlie, who has the power to spot liars, and puts that skill to use solving crimes. Lyonne was nominated for three Emmys for her role in “Russian Doll” and once for “Orange Is the New Black.”

Michael Imperioli (“The White Lotus”): Being “The White Lotus,” Imperioli plays a wealthy traveler of questionable character. His Dominic Di Grasso is in Italy with father and son to explore their family roots, but Dominic seems much more interested in exploring two fun-loving young hookers. Trouble ensues. Imperioli was nominated for four Emmys for his role as Christopher on “The Sopranos.” He won in 2004.

Henry Winkler (“Barry”): As Gene Cousineau, “The Fonz” plays an acting teacher/confidant to a hitman who finds his own life unraveling when his ego gets in the way. This is Winkler’s 4th nomination for the role. He won in 2018. 

Tyler James Williams (“Abbott Elementary”): Williams plays no-nonsense first grade teacher Gregory Eddie in this network sitcom set in a Philadelphia public school.  He got his first big break playing the title character on “Everybody Hates Chris.” Williams was nominated for an Emmy in 2022 for his “Abbott” role.


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