How Many Americans Plan on Watching the 2022 Beijing Olympics?

The Winter Games are just around the corner and athletes from around the world are beginning to arrive in Beijing. With the Olympics starting on Feb. 4, has looked at the excitement of Americans towards the Olympics and how likely they would be to bet on the events.

Which Olympic Sports Do Americans Look Forward to Watching the Most?

After a very successful Summer Olympics in Tokyo where the United States collected the most medals of the games with 113 total, the athletes that focus on cold-weather sports are gearing up for Beijing.

With the 2022 Winter Olympics what sports are Americans most excited to watch?

Would Americans Be Interested in Betting on the Olympics if they could?

How do you watch a sporting event? Are you someone that just watches the event so you can be topical the next day? Are you someone who can't watch a sporting event without having some action on the line?

Whichever type of viewer you are, the Olympics offers a bevy of opportunities to bet on events.

Americans Are Very Patriotic & Loyal to their Teams when it Comes to the Olympics

The best part of the Olympics is the common vested rooting interest of the country. It is a very patriotic feeling to head to the local bar to watch the American Hockey team play in the games and everyone is all pulling for the team donning the Red, White and Blue.

If you wanted another rooting interest, there are many athletes competing in the Winter Olympics who hail from the Big Apple.

  • Karen Chen - Figure Skating
  • Hunter Church - Bobsled
  • Jonny Gustafson - Luge, Singles
  • Chris Mazdzer - Luge, Singles
  • Sean Hollander - Luge, Doubles
  • Chris Lillis - Freestyle Skiing
  • Dyan Walczyk - Moguls
  • Hagen Kearney - Men's Snowboard Cross
  • Hayley Scamurra - Ice Hockey

SURVEY DETAILS commissioned YouGov Plc to conduct this survey. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. The total sample size is 1,053 American adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between Jan 4th – Jan 7th, 2022. The survey was carried out online and the figures have been weighted and represent all American adults aged 18 and over.


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